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Deathstars - A fucking RockīnīRoll-Star and 20 different passports for criminal intentions...

A tasty and delicious combination between RockīnīRoll, death and pure glamour. Thatīs what makes „Deathstars“ so unique indeed. But be careful, this bitter sweet passion has a dangerous vibe to seduce slowly but very effective. We met the master of poison himself in Hamburg. Take a seat and dive into the strange world of „Whiplasherīs“ fantasy, somewhere between fiction and reality, between intelligence and madness. Expect nothing but everything...

The passion for short men....

Do you like Rod Stewart?

Rod Stewart? Well, strange question but yeah, some of his stuff.. Why do you want to know?
Oh, I just discovered his music for me, you know, his „best of-Album“ is great. (smiles)
I like to look at myself at Rod Stewart.

Really? I donīt see the parallels between you and Rod Steward right now...
We are so different but I like him... I see myself this way, diffrent but likeable... But nevermind...

Did you meet him already or joined one of his concerts or how can you explain this passion for him?
Oh no, Iīve never met him but I appreciate his body.

He wears sexy clothes - itīs so funny to look at.

But heīs so short you know...
Oh, doesnīt matter, I like short men, especially Rod Stewarts...

Like a virgin...
So, is it the first interview for you today? You seem so talkactive...

Yeah, it is, so how does it feel for you?
For me?

Is it good?
What dou want to hear? Like a virgin maybe...

Yeah, thatīs what I wanted to hear (laughs).
Ok, talking about sex, when did you lose your virginity?
When I was five...

Oh... Not too early?
I had sex with two sisters... It was really strange... The next time with nine years old and the real first sex at the age of seventeen.

So which of those three versions did you prefer best?
You know, the two times when I was a kid, I was seduced by aldery women. But with seventeen I could act myself as well (laughs). But anyway, I felt used (smiles).

But Iīve heard that men like to be used...
Yes, thatīs right... Obviously... But I couldnīt the feeling of an orgasm, until I had the third one with 17.

You really want to tell me, that you had an orgasm with fife years.
Oh yeah, it was just hard to remember....

Since releasing „Termination Bliss“...

Ok, but letīs make a cut right here: Letīs start with the interview: What did happen musically since releasing „Termination Bliss“?
We did mostly just playing the festivals. It was pretty much touring... Then the headliner tour... Afterwards we are going to support „Cradle Of Filth“ for three months... Then we are going to records the next album after the summer, hopefully this autoum.

Did you already find the time to work on new stuff?
Yeah, we try to work on new stuff as often as we can but itīs really hard... Itīs a complicated complex for us to write new songs... Thatīs hard to describe but we need some time to be satisfied with new songs, need above all time for us, for the stuff and thatīs not that easy while being on the road. You know, itīs like... Well, loosing your virginity with every song... Itīs a sensual process...

So you are the one who writes the songs?
Me and Nightmare.

Talking about the supporting tour with „Cradle of Filth“. What do you expect from this kind of constellation, to get new fans, reach another audience?
Yeah. Hopefully... Itīs a chance for us, to play in bigger locations. I donīt know what to expect but I hope for the best (smiles).

Glamourizing Darkness...

Your music style seems to be a strange combination between death, glamour and rockīnīroll. What does make death so glamourous in your eyes?
Well, we glamourize darkness... We are fascinated by all the paradoxes, the conflicts are what we use to make music and to find ourselves. Deathstars is all about weaknesses, the dark side in us. In the end we glamourize our dark side that makes us grow... Champagne at your funeral, you see - thatīs the paradox thing I was talking about. Nothing you need but somthing which feels very good... Death is glam, just frame it under the right circumstances. And well, we are the only Death-Glam-Band in the world!

Have you ever thought about your own funeral song? What shall they play when your time has come to say farewell?
What a question! Yeah, but I already thought about it and my favourite song is „Highway Man“ from Willie Neelson (american Country-Star). (sings it loudly)

I just saw a concert in TV, heīs really amazing, even though he is nearly 80.
Yes, heīs cool. I like country music! I like the western country music from Nashville.

Any plans about supporting Neelson?
Yeah maybe... To kick ass in America (laughs).

Selfdestructive therapy...

Would you say that there is a concept, a philosophy behind the „Deathstars-Project“?
No, itīs not a concept. Itīs just about making music and the passion for death in combination with glamour. Always with a dark aspect, you know, thatīs what it makes interesting for us because we are always looking for kicks and if they even become self-destructive. Thatīs what we expect and itīs nice to focus on that...

That sounds confusing...
Yeah you are right (smiles).
You make music to learn about yourself. Thatīs the only way to learn. Thatīs why all people are creative who dare to write. Itīs the best way to get in touch with your inner personality and by making people listen to your music you can even make them listen to yourself.

To be honest. That really sounds like comparing your music to a kind a therapy given to yourself...
Yes, it is! You really strat to think about things, while writing about it. The best way to express the way you feel even if it hurts you...

So would you agree, calling you a selfdestuctive person?
Yes, I would. You are always looking for new stuff, even if you should stop it. You are searching for new kicks, new levels - thatīs dangerous sometimes.
You make your dreams come true, much more open minded than other people, well normal people, but itīs not alway the most healthy way... And in the end it becomes selfdestructive... Itī hard to describe, itīs an everlasting search for the kick.

Talking about kicks... What are your ultimate methods getting kicks, except from being a musician?
Uuuuh, let me think. You know, itīs not only about sex and drugs. Itīs more about to find the inner peace...

Some piece of mind...

Ok, explain it to me...
You know Iīm a self aware person. Iīm a vegetarian. I try to spend as much time as possible on my own. I have so many negative vibrations in my mind, itīs important to get away from them quite often.

Do you have a real problem with getting depressed, loosing youself in a melancholic mood...?
Oh yes, but itīs easier to control that, when youīre getting older. I had these strong phases when I was a teenager. Thinking about suicide and all that shit...

What would it take an artist to become a real deathstar?
Itīs not possible because itīs not fiction at all, itīs just about us...

But all the make up, the extraordinary outfits... Donīt you think itīs also a way to masquerade yourself or are there no difference between the artist and the private person?
20 different passports for criminal intentions...
I donīt feel any difference. The whole make up itīs just for us to make things easier. We do a lot of crimes before the show, so this is perfect for us to stay unknown (laughs)

So what do you do?
Stealing cars... Thatīs why we have stage names and 20 different passports (laughs out loudly). Today Iīm called „Kawasaki Toyata“. Eieieieieieiei... (makes strange japanese kongfu moves).
We just want to offer our audience some visual attraction as well. It all should fit perfectly together.

How long does it take to put on your make up?
Ehhm... 20 minutes...

So fast? So you could give many women many advice how to put the perfect make up on so quickly...
Yeah, you are right (smiles). But you know, all the glitter thing itīs not not that easy...

Did you also enjoy dressing yourself in a special way, wearing make up in younger years?
Oh yeah, it started when I was six yrears old. I was the biggest „KISS“-Fan on the planet.

What about your family? How did they react?
Oh, it was and still is ok for them. They are not that closed minded.

So do they join your gigs regularly when you are playing in your home city?
No, they saw me the first time this summer but they really liked it. It was strange because they never saw us performing before...
Iīm a fucking RockīnīRoll-star...

In the media you guys have that „difficult kind of rockstar“-image...
And what do you think? Am I not a fucking RockīnīRoll-star??? (smiles).

Oh yes you are but absolutely kind...
Yes I know... The problem is, that we are quite often in the metal press and thatīs one of the most conservative media. We are not just a metal band, we have a lot of Black Metal aspects in it but even more... Thatīs why we donīt really fit into a certain shelf and some people feel pissed off...

But is it something which annoys you? Do you take care of your image?
For me itīs not important, what kind of image the media gives me. We just need to be loyal towards our fans, they are important. Especially our female fans... Friendly to the skin... (smiles).

Iīm sure they appreciate that. Thank you very much for that entertaining and informative interview!
You are welcome!

Author: Jasmin Froghy, Photos: Peter P., Samira Alinto
Date: 2007-01-29

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