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Chimaira: Resurrection of Metal Monsters

Chimaira are back! For the promotion of their new album "Resurrection" the eloquent master of rhetoric, keyboarder Chris Spicuzza, faces STALKER´s investigative questions, and his excessive answers allow deep insights into a rocker´s soul. Well, not really, but at least he came up with a few words.

So you`re back after a two year hiatus. Are you happy? What did you do in the meantime?
Hiatus??? I never quit the band. I`m happy. I lift weights, eat food, pet cats, and bowl. Most importantly I`ve been working on my gamerscore.

Your new album "Resurrection" was finally released on March, 2nd. How does it feel?
Feels like a warm shaved pussy. You know??? That ooshy squooshy feeling.

Have you already gotten some feedback from the fans? How is the album received?
Everyone seems to dig it. I like to hear opinions after a few weeks once they let it soak in.

How was the recording process? Did it take you a long time to write the songs and finish them? Which, if at all, was the hardest one to write?
This was the easiest album to write. There was zero pressure to deliver an album. We started in February of 2006, did some touring, then wrote from June-September. The songs poured out naturally.

What topics are you dealing with on the record?
Read the lyrics and figure it out! Mark hit some pretty fucked up subjects on this album. Makes me wonder what else goes through that mind.

The cover looks damn cool, too. Can you tell us something about it?
This guy Dennis at damnengine.net came up with it. We were looking for a human transformation theme. He pulled it off perfectly for us. I`d love to work with him again.

You also had to switch your label. What was the reason for that and how is the cooperation with your new label - for Europe Nuclear Blast?
Our management has been working with NB for years. They felt it was the right home for us. We were also promised a Porsche for signing. Still waiting on that one....

Is there bad blood between you and Roadrunner now or did you leave amicably?
No bad blood. We love the Roadrunner Europe family for what they`ve done for us. They did an amazing job pushing us.

Is the response to your music different in Europe compared to the States, or the rest of the world? Or do people go apeshit wherever you play?!
Everyone seems to go apeshit. Who wouldn`t want to crush a beer can on their forehead after listening to Needle?

Have you already played your new songs live?
We`ve played about 5-6. So far so good. Resurrection and Needle go over the best.

I just read that you will play the Provinssirock summer festival in Finland this year. Have you ever been in Finland before? If not what do you expect?
I have no clue what to expect. I`m very excited though.

Are you playing other festivals this summer as well?
Yes we have a bunch lined up. Keep checking our website for tour details.

You also toured with a lot of big names like Slipknot, Slayer and Opeth. Do you have any memorable touring moments to share? Nice and/or nasty?
On the Slayer tour in 2001 the guys all went out to the bar with Kerry King. I was only 20 so I had to crash at the hotel. At this time we toured in an RV and got hotels whenever we could. Let me correct this. ONE hotel for the whole band. I had to share a bed with Jim. He came back that night and threw up all over the bed. I was so pissed. I slept on the floor of our crew hotel room.

Are there still some bands with whom you would like to tour? With whom would you never want to tour? And why?
We`ll tour with just about anyone.

You also covered Metallica`s "Disposable Heroes" for a Kerrang anniversary album. How did that come about?
I`m not sure how this came about. The band was stoked because they love Metallica. I told them I wouldn`t record keyboards over the song because it would ruin it. Overall the song came out pretty solid.

Many metal bands nowadays say that they want to be as big as Metallica or the biggest band in the universe. What are your ambitions in that regard?
Those bands are delusional. We`d love that but realize it`s not going to happen.

In Greek mythology the Chimera is said to be of "immortal make" but nevertheless gets killed in the end. Do you think that`s a bad omen?
Well... nothing lasts forever.  
Author: Kathleen Gransalke, Photos: Chimaira
Date: 2007-03-17

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