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Aberrant Vascular
Fresh Act of July 2014

Aberrant Vascular is avant-garde metal, but even then you won’t know what to expect. There is metal, and opera, and classic elements, and then hints of Japanese visual kei along with something distorted… Good soundtrack to your nightmares, blindfolded, without any idea what is coming up next. It is completely indefinable will keep you on tour tip-toes. As the band itself, it is a mystery. They have no face and no definition. Yet you will not forget them if you hear it once. Aberrant Vascular will become this annoying toothache in your soul, making you come back and listen to them over again. Good luck if you will try to figure out.
The band has already a few demos out, and one full-length record, all available for free download via they homepage. Nowadays they don’t play live very often, but this is a band with a plan, and a major potential.
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STALKERs Fresh Act - February 2008

If you always wanted to know what´s really going on in the deepest deeps of Paris then look no further. Aesthesia, who with their debut album “Serious Conspiracy” already knocked our STALKER reviewer off her feet, know everything about it and tell us how they want to fight their way out of the dark catacombs of the City of Love to the very top. But don´t worry their safety is guaranteed thanks to the well-hatted but scantily dressed security staff… >> more/mehr

Angry Bastard
STALKERs Fresh Act January 2011

Five guys from Aargau, CH, named Angry Bastard have already made some impact at various band competitions for their intense live shows. Still you don´t hear much about them and they are still waiting for the big break-through. That means it´s time to present you this Swiss band as the first Fresh act in 2011, STALKER talked with singer Dim and Bass player Roger.
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Antarktis Utopia
STALKERs Fresh Act – February 2009

Opera City Savonlinna in Finland has a lot more to offer than beautiful landscapes, there is the castle Olavinlinna and the Ballet-and Operafestival that takes place in the castle every year. Howerver, not everyone is longing for this music and the pompous voices of the opera stars. Like the band we introduce you to here. Antarktis Utopia is not a new band but not many people know them, after bad luck with their contract with a US-label they have to start from the beginning and try again to rule Europe with their special Death Metal creation. We spoke to the singers and guitarists Henkka and Anssi to get to know more about their plans, dreams and passion for Death Metal. >> more/mehr

Apollo´s Child
Fresh Act February 2014

A London-based band with an international line-up, consisting of a Finn, an Italian and two Brits, namely Jaakko Turunen – Vocals, Daniele Panza - Lead Guitar/Back vocals, Ash Porter - Bass Guitar/Bv´s, Marc Dyos – Drums, plus Ben Christo as live guitarist/back vocalist. And for STALKER readers those names should ring a bell (trigger your memory with "Mama Trash" or "The Black Room")... >> more/mehr


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Fresh Act July / August
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