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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Sabaton / Alestorm / Thaurorod Pratteln
This evening offers another sold out Z-7 and a mix of Finnish Power Metal, Scottish Pirate- Metal and Swedish warriors, namely Sabaton, who have developed from a support act to a well-booked headliner since last year.

The guys and the lady from the outskirts of Helsinki are on first, the last time ... more/mehr


Saga / Magnum – double headline tour Dortmund
Watching bands I have never seen live before is always and interesting experience, especially when they have been around for as long as Magnum and Saga have. Not having followed either band’s career, I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Both bands put on a good, energetic show that left the fans happy.

Magnum ... more/mehr


Samael / Chaosweaver / Black Sun Aeon Helsinki
Swiss Dark Metallers SAMAEL havenīt visited Northern Europe for a while, no wonder that a lot of people came to render their homage in the halls of Nosturi club.

Those halls opened for STALKER Crew - due to various unfortunate circumstances that should not be described in detail here - only after Black Sun Aeon ... more/mehr


Samael | Flowing Tears | Soon Hamburg
The first band of the night was called Soon and it was just as its name, not particularly striking and to be honest they didn’t leave a lasting impression either.

This was slightly different with Flowing Tears. At least musically they delivered a good performance. I was quite happy not only the Nigthtwish/Within Temptation ... more/mehr


Santa Cruz Helsinki
There are bands you stumble upon only by accident, who also work their asses off in the clubs of Helsinki. Of course you start to wonder: How come no-one is talking about this band yet? Today, Santa Cruz from Helsinki are playing within a frame they rather deserve, e.g. brilliant light show, and the club is bursting at the seams ... more/mehr



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