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Comments for: Accordion Wrestling / Haitaripainia

Name: Sami Email:
Wha? GAY!!! Häpeä Saatana.

Name: Email:
How the fuck did this accordion player come up with 10 fucking points? By wearing gay wrestling tights?

Name: Susanne Kermann Email: susa1985@aol.com
Hallo! Ich finde es unfair, wenn Leute fiese Kommentare hinterlassen ohne den Namen zu nennen. Also dear secret poster: I do not think that you have been to one of his concerts - neither was I, but I would give it a try. Okay, it really seems that the editor in chief of stalker likes that guy more than a objective person as a journalist should, but that doesnt change the fact that open mindness is something all rock and metal fans should stick with - as we ask for the same thing from all the others. So if you like to be ignorant, post it atleast with your name!

Name: klaudia Email: klaudia@stalker.cd
HEY thank you for your interest and comments! basically, ratings ARE subjective - and in this case: HOW and WITH WHAT should I compare this?? Hence for me there were only two options, no rating at all (0/10) or the 10/10, and I simply went with the latter. Don´t worry, Rock&Metal dudes, I still love you all, too. Cheers, your STALKER editor-in-chief

Name: Susanne Kermann Email: susa1985@aol.com
Hello Klaudia!
First of all: good work! I love Stalker:)
And well, good point I would not know with whom I would compare this with neither.

Name: Kimmo fan Email: annele.herm@gmx.de
Great, as every new thing, what you are doing Kimmo!!! For others, go and look, befor you say something.Love Regads.


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