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Badia Rocks 2007 Badia
This year Badia Rocks festival in Badia-Abtei (Italy) had its tenth anniversary. Because I had been to Summernights festival the day before, I could stay in Italy only for one day and I missed e. g. Rage and White Skull. The festival counts with its about 400-500 visitors to the smaller ones, but that doesn`t mean anything.

The ... more/mehr


Bang Your Head 2009 Balingen
It is 2009 and we are in Balingen. Here is the BYH-Festival. Because of a high class line-up it seems to be an interesting weekend. But let us start from the very beginning.

It is Thursday, the sun shines bright, we are on the way to Balingen, which is about 120 km away, to see the BYH-Festival another time. The ... more/mehr


Bang your Head 2013 Balingen
I´ve discovered Bang your Head Festival pretty late, because when there was some interesting billing, I could not attend due to financial or professional issues, and when I would have had time, the billing wasn´t interesting enough. This is why this year it´s only my second ByH, but well, better late than never. The weather is great ... more/mehr


Bang your Head 2014 Balingen
How long a year could be when looking forward to ByH, and what a pity when you can only arrive by Friday, but Grave Digger, Stormwarrior and Bullett are not bands that hardly ever play live. Otherwise the billing this year is promising, even when some whine about Twisted Sister - again?!? I´m anxious to see Snider & Co. The weather ... more/mehr


Bela B. Listening Session Berlin
Bela B. – Wenn der Tourbus während einer Listening Session bei Curry 36 vorfährt…

Mr. Felsenheimer, better known as sexy Punk, Porno Boy, the Count or simply Bela B., is Comic- and Horror fan, actor, Amercia-lover and Bush-hater and also one of the most charismatic rock stars that come from this country Germany. In his function ... more/mehr



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