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Billy Idol Hamburg
A few minutes before seven hell broke loose at Hamburg Stadtpark. Parking lots? No way. The police tried their best to keep parking sinners from evil deeds, blocked a whole street. The reason for this chaos was the most popular upper lip in show biz: Billy Idol stopped by in Hanse-town and caused a generation mix to have ecstatic ... more/mehr


Billy Talent | The Subways | Samiam | The Cinematics Hamburg
Tonight, the Docks in Hamburg was totally packed and it was so hot. It was a sold out show. After Samiam and The Cinematics played and made the crowd begging for more with their powerful rock, people were ready for the next great thing coming up...

Our lucky raffle winner: Dennis

The Subways

The ... more/mehr


Birdy Helsinki
Surely you know that, too: Those periods where you have absolutely no time for anything. And these are exactly the days when people turn to you like: "But you MUST come to this concert; the band is sooo great!" That`s what happened on this Tuesday evening: Birdy, an Alternative Rock band from Finland`s Capital Helsinki I have never ... more/mehr


Bishops, The | Butterfly Bangs Hamburg
The twins Mike und Pete Bishop and Chris McConville from London have played with their band The Bishops already this year in Hamburg. Unfortunately I missed this show, yet not the slight Tinitus I got after meeting this young bearded man with a megaphone at Schulterblatt suburbs who announced it noisily. Even if The Bishops have ... more/mehr


Black Label Society / Sevendust / Dope / Cycle Of Pain / Houston
If you listen to Metal, you know who Black Label Society is. On April 21st in Houston, Texas Black Label Society fans piled into a giant warehouse anxiously awaiting their favorite band. Along with Black Label Society, Cycle of Pain, Dope, and Sevendust - all in the category classic heavy metal, or like 90´s metal - also played at ... more/mehr



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