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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Before The Dawn / Black Sun Aeon / Crib45 Helsinki
Two new, still unknown bands and one „long-established” – that´s an offer at the Virgin Oil club in Helsinki that evening. However, soon it is revealed that all of the bands are somehow tied together in one way or another – a real “family” evening, so to say.


Out of the „crib45“ and onto the stage ... more/mehr


Before the Dawn / Dark Filth Fraternity / Wankers of the Zoo Crew / The Enemy Pilot Helsinki
The evening was opened by a band I have never heard before, Enemy Pilot. And after the first few riffs I realized that I had not missed a lot. Somehow nothing seemed to go together: the vocals were rather Hardcore and pretty one-dimensional and did not fit to the music which was quite OK. One song even had to be stopped because ... more/mehr


Before The Dawn / Dweal / Last Day Here / Aperion / Embryonic Gleisdorf
In the beginning of September my journalist colleague Bernd and me were drawn once again to Gleisdorf, because Finnish Metallers Before The Dawn played a show with four more bands. The first was Styrian Embryonic from Gröbming who got the support slot because they had won the Rock The Lake Bandbattle. Just arrived, we could ... more/mehr


Before the Dawn / Leafblade / Pressure Points Helsinki
Friday evening 10 pm, at Virgin Oil, a rather posh club in the heart of Helsinki. Three bands, very different in nature, have come here tonight and we´re more than interested to find out how those seemingly unfitting pieces will form a rounded whole.

Pressure Points started almost on time. There was barely ... more/mehr


Before The Dawn / Profane Omen / The Scourger / Axegressor Helsinki
Four bands in one night at Nosturi – that means a) better being there earlier although you had to wait in a queue at the entrance, b) sometimes the headliner draws the shortest straw, as often the majority of the audience leaves before their show in order to reach bus, train or the nearest Rock bar to have a few beers before curfew. ... more/mehr



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