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Cradle Of Filth | Moonspell | Turisas Hamburg
Cradle of Filth came to Hamburg on the 16th of April to entertain the fish-heads; accompanied by Moonspell, Turisas and Akrival they were to rock our shorts off. Naturally one or two things went a bit wrong. The tour bus managed to arrive on time, but the bus with instruments got stuck at the French border, resulting in a 5-hour ... more/mehr


Crashdïet / Nitrokiss Helsinki & Tampere
With Crashdïet and the DJs Jussi69 (The 69 Eyes) and Pekka Heino (Brother Firetribe / Leverage) Helsinki`s rock club "On The Rocks" invites to the first "Hair Rock Special" and already at 10 p.m. the stairs which lead downstairs from the bar to the club area are overcrowded; so many people have accepted the invitation. The club ... more/mehr


Crazy Lixx / The Plastic Explosives Helsinki
To my big surprise, the queue which lead downstairs from the bar to the club area hasn`t been that long for a "Hair Rock Special" like this time when Crazy Lixx headline the third issue of it. And it seems that this events series is especially overcrowded when there are bands from Sweden. And because of the queue the opening act ... more/mehr


Crib45 / Keoma / HeadSkull Helsinki
None of the bands in this package is really famous for their abundance of live-appearances, therefore it was clear for me to pick this option from Helsinki´s entertainment supply on this particular weekend. Moroeover, there was more than one birthday to celebrate – as the celebration with a lucious dinner caused a certain delay, ... more/mehr


Crib45 – 10 years celebration / Incredible Brainshells Helsinki
There are a couple of CDs / vinyls that have a special “heavy rotation” value for me, and one of them is the Crib45 debut “Metamorphosis” ... naturally their 10 year celebration gig cannot be missed. Yet I decided to drop by “fashionably late”, as the opening act did not really ring a bell... And I was flabberghasted about a packed ... more/mehr



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