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CHTHONIC: The first layer of hell
Interviewing a well booked band isn´t always that simple, lots of things have to be prepared for a tour; especially if this tour takes you across the ocean. Nevertheless, CHTHONIC from Taiwan took their time for us and told us a lot of intresting things about their new album „Mirror Of Retribution“. >> more/mehr

Chuck Norris Experiment, The: No Karate Muppets
Those who want to bring back good old Rock ´n´ Roll have to be tough! Karate muppets as namesakes, shabby old barns as backstage area – Chuck Ransom from The Chuck Norris Experiment knows it all! But in exchange sometimes wine flows like beer and so no problem for „the greatest band on the planet“ from Sweden, now on tour in Germany! But just read on! >> more/mehr

Civilization One: A bed of panties
During the last few years we heard a lot about Chitral “Chity” Somapala, in many different Bands like Avalon, Firewind and Domain where he gave the music a charming touch. With his own band Civilization One he has released one record already, and the second is now in the making. The best time to ask the charming, charismatic singer about his plans, life and future.
>> more/mehr

Clawfinger – more power to Rob Halford & honesty to the music business
Zak Tell, singer and mastermind of Clawfinger was going trough a real interview marathon since a couple of weeks, which he obviously really enjoys after being kind of forgotten trough the years under his old label. A lot has happened since they had their breakthrough and the five albums since their debut are the evidence of it. Three were out without too many words about it and somehow there was the impression that they faced their best times already, but with a line up change, a new label, recharged batteries and a new album, they are back! >> more/mehr

Cleaning Women - Madness on stage
I don´t really want to claim that over proportionally many Finns have bats in the attic. But certainly over proportionally many Finns earn their bucks with that. Just think of the European Song Contest this year, humppa-versions of Rock-Classics, people with strange hair-dos or choirs with screaming men. Or cellists who play Heavy Metal. Or Metal guys who cover Britney Spears ... >> more/mehr


Axemaster: Overture for more to come
One of those bands with a long history: Axemaster was formed in 1985, rocking the scene with classic >> more/mehr
Fresh Act July / August
When living in Finland, it is difficult to ignore the simple fact that this country is the world´s number >> more/mehr
Tuska Open Air 2015
Just when it seemed certain that the summer of 2015 was a hopeless case, along came Tuska and brought the good weather with ... more/mehr 2015-07-07
CD: Powerwolf
Two years after their no 1 hit album “Preachers of the Night” (at least in Germany), Powerwolf release their new album “Blessed ... more/mehr 2015-08-03
CONCERT: Faith No More
The comeback of the legendary crossover band Faith No More was one of the remarkable recent news on music heaven. ... more/mehr 2015-06-24
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