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Finnbands rock! Festival 2008 Helsinki
When colleagues from finnbands.com organize a festival in Helsinki, STALKER has to be part of it... unfortunately I did not check the starting time, so I missed the fact that it started very early, for Finnish customs, therefore I missed the local heroes, Alternativ-Rockers The Jade (www.thejadenet.com, http://www.myspace.com/thejadenet) ... more/mehr


Finnish Metal Expo 2006 (+IMM) Helsinki
Thursday, 16 Feb 2006

International Metal Meeting (IMM)- METAL HEART HELSINKI

Just imagine, leather, studs and motorbikes as essential accessory for Barbie & Ken, grandmom puts a picture of Lemmy on her bedside table, XTV broadcasts „Headbanger´s Favorites“ 24/7 and babies enjoy snugging their „Iron Maiden-Eddie“ ... more/mehr


Finnish Metal Expo 2007 (+IMM) Helsinki
In my opinion Finnish Metal Expo cannot get bigger than this year, just because of the limited location capacity. An extensive program, many participants and a huge crowd definitely turned this basically business event in a winterly Metal Festival. And besides the musical program on the main stage there were many more reasons for ... more/mehr


Finnish Metal Expo 2008 Helsinki
A music expo, just for Heavy Metal? Well, those Finns... but again, also the fourth time, with 60 exhibitors and 5000 visitors, the FME was a great success. (KW)

The bands themselves that were performing held a large variety, ranging from the softie-pop-idol-hard rock, Ari Koivunen to funny folk Metal Korpiklaani and truly ... more/mehr


Firebox Festival 2011 Seinäjoki
If a festival is named after a record label, its line-up usually consists of that company´s roster mostly, if not exclusively. But there are exceptions. As a label, Firebox is home to only a handful of relatively unknown acts, but the Firebox Metal Fest, held at irregular intervals in Seinäjoki, presents mostly unaffiliated bands ... more/mehr



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