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Feedback Revival Feedback Revival
The first song leads in an reflection of Monster Magnet and early Nirvana. But the grunge character with a distinct riff dissolves even from "Soul Feet" in pure rock `nī roll, less metropolitan, rather in Nashville character and and vigorously painted the blues on it, with beautiful dirty and expressive vocals, with ... more/mehr


Feeding Fingers Baby Teeth
These fingers feed you with a soundtrack of subconscious dark fantasies. Old wave roots suck you into a morbid underground of melancholy. Surely, Justin Curfman, the singer from Atlanta, Georgia, canīt stand this anymore: Everybody who listens to his voice immediately has to think about The Cure. The similarity is so obvious, especially ... more/mehr


FEEDING FINGERS Detach Me From My Head
Feeding Fingers are one of the bands with their own sound and a specific atmosphere. Plaintive, melancholy, with a very clear song-structure in the slow mid-tempo which gets its charm from the almost reduced use of instruments. There is probably proximity to bands like The Cure or Joy Division, but that's not a flaw. Justin Curfman ... more/mehr


Feeling B Grün & Blau
In fashion green and blue match just as little as the combination punk and GDR but Feeling B, who released the first punk album of the GDR in 1989, proved the opposite to everyone. Founded 1983 in Berlin, they belonged to the most famous alternative bands that came from East Germany. Now a CD with the already above mentioned title ... more/mehr


Feline Melinda Dance of Fire and Rain
Feline Melinda might be around since the 1980s but, to be honest, I havenīt heard of them before. Even though Italy is not so far away from Switzerland, it seems as if some things do not get through to us. With “Dance of Fire and Rain”, the band releases its fifth record, which was recorded in Italy, Germany and Finland and mastered ... more/mehr



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