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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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FELINE&strange Lies
The unusual nature of this album begins with the presentation - from the outside an ordinary cardboard case, unfolds when opening inside a surprising folding structure that contains the CD. That the trained singer Feline Lang has an operatic background, you can hear immediately - the clear strictness of the powerful voice, the desire ... more/mehr


Felskinn Listen
Something new from Switzerland, and this time itīs not about cheese. Felskinn surprise with quite heavy riffs and their mixture of Stoner Rock, New Metal and Krokus- or AC/DC elements. Well, itīs a bit like old Guano Apes, but with a guy singing. The quartet - Andy Portmann, voc, Stefan Schroff, git, Sarah Zaugg, bass, and Flavio ... more/mehr


Fergie Frederiksen Happiness is the Road
Many of us will know Fergie Frederiksen through his time with legendary rock band Toto but the US-American was also involved with many other projects. Thus, he contributed brilliant vocals to recordings of amongst others Trillion, LeRoux, Mecca and others. Fergie started singing at the age of 13 and he has been touring pubs since ... more/mehr


Fever Ray - same -
Shamanic electronics. Magic out of the forests of Sweden – an album, which catches like a hallucinogenic. A sound of slowness. Rhythm not to dance, but more to invoke. Music created in a special period, in those months after Karin Dreijer Andersson became mother for the second time. Later depressive insomnia, but a blaze of inspiration, ... more/mehr


Fields Of The Nephilim Ceremonies
Many fans have been waiting for this one - Fields of the Nephilim live, and from an era that begins with the numbers "20-" ... all those other releases do have their status in music history already, not only because of their release dates. The real “living legend” in the Goth/Dark Wave / Dark Rock genre has always been this ... more/mehr



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