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Final Illusion Execution
From Germany originates the „Final Illusion“, who call Frontline Assembly, Project Pitchfork, Front 242 or Suicide Commando their musical influences. It starts quite auspiciously with mysterious, electronic sounds in which the synthie-melodies and the drum-programming fall in. A hoarse voice growls angrily about the colour of death. ... more/mehr


Find Me Wings of Love
Find Me is another band, formed by Frontier boss, Serafino Perugino. Always looking for the latest Melodic Rock sensation, it has become a custom at Frontier to get together members of different bands to write an album. But is this really the recipe for success? I don´t think so, because, in most cases, these bands are just one-hit-wonders. ... more/mehr


Finest Noise, The Sampler Vol 19
Can this be true, you get something for free? Well, this sampler for example, it costs 1,50 Euros in stamps... This CD presents 21 examples of bands who have found their home recently at Finest Noise label. And to mention it right away, even Metal heads will enjoy this one. There is Noopinion, for example, this band sounds like "Iron ... more/mehr


Finn Nelé Lark
Judging by his lyrics, Finn Nelè is searching for something, seeking answers to questions regarding contradictions in the world as in “Lark“ or going on a journey to follow a letter as in “Travel“. Yet, what he finds does not always seem to be what he wants to find and thus he turns back to the darkness after seeing the light in ... more/mehr


Finntroll Ur Jordens Djup
Hooray, Finntroll are back, better, louder, more beautiful... well, alright, forget about the more beautiful, but the Finns show again where they hide their Trollhammaren. This band is definitely one of those you can just go and buy, without regrets, and the new album “Ur Jordens Djup” (From The Depths Of The Earth) is no exception ... more/mehr



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