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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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For the Imperium - same -
Yes, they are Finns. No, it´s nothing connected with (Melodic) Death or Symphonic (female voice) Metal, or – maybe all of it?
Well, the band info already warns you that describing the music of For The Imperium is a difficult-next-to-impossible task, thus I don´t know if I can vaguely succeed here. The first of 11 tracks named ... more/mehr


Forever In Terror Restless in the Tides
The average age of those guys is 17! They are five friends from Streetsboro /Ohio. With them Metalblade hired a talented band who already have warmed up for MESHUGGAH, MACHINE HEAD, GOD FORBID, DEVIL DRIVER or UNEARTH. So young and so much to tell. Those experiences made their impression on their sound, the band can be compared with ... more/mehr


Forever Never Aporia
Well, the info defines „Aporia“ as „an insoluble contradiction or paradox in a text´s meanings“. And the Bandname „Forever Never“ ... contradictions en masse, and as you will find out also concerning the sound... anyway, the debut of the five British guys can be recommended to everybody who likes Metal and also catchy Pop tunes... ... more/mehr


Forever Slave Alice’s Inferno
On their album “Alice´s Inferno” the Spanish goth metallers from Forever Slave go off with a big bang. The album tells the story of Alice who is accused of killing her parents. In the mental institution in which she´s admitted they dig deep into her subconscious. With a beautiful, clear voice Lady Angellyca sings the story of Alice. ... more/mehr


Formloff Spyhorelandet
Those who would like to have their auricles properly modified are warmly recommended to listen to the latest record by Norwegian duo Formloff. Alright, ´warmly´ is maybe not the right word here because, as the cover artwork already suggests, things are a bit more chilly, rough and gloomy on here. Bernt Karsten Sannerud and Marius ... more/mehr



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