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Fox 2012
Mark Fox has worked his way up during his eight years as the lead singer of the Swiss band Shakra. After he left the band in 2009 to concentrate on this solo-career, it got quiet for a while around the exceptionally gifted singer. Now he is back with his own band FOX - and the other hard-rock bands in Switzerland have to get prepared. ... more/mehr


Fox Lucifer
Luckily, the world didn´t come to its end in 2012 and so, almost a year later, Fox are back with their new record titled „Lucifer“. Is Mark Fox is just superstitious or is he maybe even the devil himself, that´s the question?!

The second album from the ex-Shakra frontman takes pretty much the same line as the previous record ... more/mehr


FOXY Rainbow Warrior
Bornholm. An island buffeted by wind and waves. This rock is rocked by Foxy . The trio evokes the nostalgic spirit of an era of rock and blues rock with a warmth and intensity which beam straight into the 70's. Beam me up, Johnny - Johnny Walther is not only excellent on the electric guitar with a sound that recalls ... more/mehr


Free Key Bit Chess Kiss My Ass
This band from Munich presents with "Kiss My Ass" a good Cross Over album that was obviously influenced by Backyard Babies. Free Key Bit Chess cannot quite live up to their idols but provide some ear candy, e. g. the title track "Kiss My Ass", and a solid snotty and quite good CD with some extremely catchy riffs. The song "Deine ... more/mehr


Freedom Call The Circle Of Life
Regardless of the critics ridiculing the optimistic, cheerful sound of Freedom Call as the Modern Talking of metal, Chris Bay, Dan Zimmermann and Co. continue to go their own way and with "The Circle Of Life" once again created an album that will get any listener that can appreciate fanfare-like keyboards, positive melodies ... more/mehr



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