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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Holy Martyr Still At War
The roots of this Holy Martyr go back to the 90s. Back then the five guys from Italy struggled in the underground, released several successful demos and gathered a lot of fans, especially in Germany, Italy and Greece. Now with a record deal they intend to conquer new areas. Unfortunately with their official debut "Still At War" they ... more/mehr


Holy Martyr Hellenic Warrior Spirit
The Italian Epic Metallers Holy Martyr are still at war after their debut titled "Still At War". Now they have released a new one called "Hellenic War Spirit" and, who would´ve guessed that, they´re now dealing with the Spartans and their fight at the Thermopiles. So they´re thematically looking back to their first EP from ... more/mehr


Holy Racket Anthems For The Doomed & Dazed
Holy Racket from Sunderland, UK, have got together musically only in 2003, but its members are rocking the world in the name of Punk with different bands since the early 80’s and so on their new, aptly-titled record “Anthems For The Doomed & Dazed” the guys stay true to Punk in its most original form a la Sex Pistols and The Clash. ... more/mehr


Homo Iratus Truth Conquers it All EP
Right now there´s a lot of anger simmering in the streets of Greece and now you can also get some “angry men” (Homo Iratus) on record. The three guys or men hail from the picturesque coastal town of Thessaloniki but what you can hear on their latest EP doesn´t have much to do with holiday, beach and sunshine instead you get thrash, ... more/mehr


Hong Faux The Crown That Wears the Head
Already last October, Hong Faux released „The Crown that Wears the Head“ but unfortunately, this record reached us only now. But we thought because it sounds so good, we definitely need to mention it. Hong Faux, from Stockholm, deliver great sound. I don´t like to compare them to any other band and also describing their music is ... more/mehr



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