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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Honningbarna Verden Er Enkel
"Verden Er Enkel" is the second album of Norwegian punk rock band Honningbarna and it sounds just like a punk rock album should sound: loud, fast and somewhat angry. The songs are raw and melodic and come at the listener with full speed. The music demands the listener’s attention from the beginning and there is not much of a chance ... more/mehr


Hopesfall A Types
No one screamed and sung so suffering like they did – Hopesfall.

Now everything changed. Suffering like a young life can to be precise has not changed but the anger removed. Or is it totally gone? And the joy of being experimental which was a huge part of the great former album „The satellite years“ was washed away with ... more/mehr


Horned Almighty The Devils Music (Songs of Death and Damnation)
I admit that I cannot and won´t really enjoy satanic rumble-Metal. Just reading the names or checking out the covers I don´t feel like putting the CD on. Way too often it´s just the same stuff: boring songs, mediocre playing skills that cannot convince at all, neither with their garbage-bin-meets-vacuum-cleaner-sound nor with their ... more/mehr


Horny Pancakes The Pursuit Of Happiness
The opening song "God is Sexy" off "The pursuit of happiness" from the Horny Pancakes says it all: a fresh sound, a very good singer, reasonable musicians and melodies that aren't too bad at all. But you get the feeling that none of it is really "finsihed". The song structures are a little too predictable. ... more/mehr


Hot Mama Downloader
The first thing that comes to my mind when I listen to the debut album Downloader by German-Russian band Hot Mama, is early Guano Apes –just a bit softer. Three guys and one lady, who call their music 21st century Rock. Singer Sonya is praised as a front girl with a powerful voice and an unbelievable vocal range. Of course, this ... more/mehr



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