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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Hanna Meyerholz How To Swim
“How To Swim”, Hanna Meyerholz’ debut is a beautiful singer/songwriter album. She sings mostly melancholic songs about love and life, supported by guitars and piano. Her singing is emotional and the lyrics deserve a closer look. She manages to put big feelings into words as well as day-to-day things, watches closely but does not ... more/mehr


Hannibal Cyberia
In 2006, Hannibal, the band of former Spitfire singer Alex Balakakis aka Hannibal, released their first record „This is U“. Now, six years later their second album “Cyberia” hits the stores. During those six years, the band moved from Greece to London and could add a few important points to their biography. Gigs with Whitesnake, ... more/mehr


Hanoi Rocks Another Hostile Takeover
Hanoi Rocks: For years now this band is the epitome of the ultimate glam rock. The Finns haven´t been up too much of late but now this time is over. Finally the guys came up with a new album and are absolutely ready to recapture their glam throne with „Another Hostile Takeover“ being the best weapon for this mission. Freaky, lunatic, ... more/mehr


Hanoi Rocks Street Poetry
At this year´s Ankkarock festival it became obvious that those veterans of Glam have by comparison much more live energy and musical power to offer than younger bands from that genre. The Finns Hanoi Rocks – starring Michael Monroe (voc, sax, harmonica, piano) and Andy McCoy (git, back voc, piano) from the band´s early days in the ... more/mehr


Hardcore Superstar Dreamin´ in a Casket
Glam Rock but with sweat and motor oil instead of make-up and hairspray – that could be a way to characterize the sound of the Swedish Band Hardcore Superstar. Their new CD "Dreamin´ in a casket" is likely to continue their success story (Grammy nomination, chart top positions, warming up for Aerosmith), because it contains all elements ... more/mehr



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