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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Hardcore Superstar Split Your Lip
If "Split Your Lip", the meanwhile eighth studio album of Hardcore Superstar, wouldn`t haven been released already in the end of November 2010, it very likely would have become THE album of the year 2011! But anno 2010, I didn`t really pay much attention to the subject "Hardcore Superstar" and thus considered the enthusiasm involving ... more/mehr


Hardcore Superstar The Party Ain´t Over Till We Say So (Best-of)
Sleaze Rock at its best - that´s what Hardcore Superstars stand for since their formation in 1997. With their songs they are, at least up north, played at every party - simply because their music is pure entertainment and great fun. “The Party Ain´t over till we say so (Best of)“ is now the first best-of release from the band. I ... more/mehr


Hardcore Superstar HCSS
With „HCSS“, the Swedish Party Rock band par excellence, Hardcore Superstar, release their tenth album. Inspired by a demo they recorded in 1994, Jocke Berg and his men sat together to write new songs – go, so to say, back to the roots and show the fans where they actually come from. And one thing I can say right away, the new album ... more/mehr


Hardline Danger Zone
Nothing had been heard from Hardline for a very long time. After their debut album Double Eclipse in 1992, I think they disappeared from the scene very soon afterwards. Now, 20 years later, there´s a new album out named Danger Zone which raises the question, how well does the band sound today.

This voice I know very well ... more/mehr


Harlekin In Disguise
Young, fresh, different - this could be the motto of the six Swiss guys from Harlekin. Their debut „In Disguise“ stands out with its punky mixture of rock ´n´ roll which commemorates past decades; pervaded by odd singing and guitar solos.

Too bad that the central thread – if you want to call it like that – runs through ... more/mehr



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