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Jimmie Vaughan Blues Ballads and Favorites
Jimmie Vaughan, a well-known Bluesrock-Guitarrist, releases a new album, after 9 years, „ Blues Ballads and Favorites“. A very personal selection of legends like Willie Nelson, Jimmy Reed, Johnny Ace and Billy Emerson, as well as one self-written song „Comin and Goin“.
The CD was recorded by Vaughan himself, in hishome town ... more/mehr


Jimmy Martin Wild At Heart
When Jimmy Martin, at the tender age of 19, left his home country, Luxembourg, to become a musician in Los Angeles, he had only one thing in mind: “Music makes the world go round”. How very true, but music can give a lot more; without it, the world would be a damn boring place. In the meantime, a few years have passed and Jimmy’s ... more/mehr


Jinxremover Spitfire
Jinxremover is one of those bands who consider themselves the saviours of Rock. Their inspiration comes from good old Rock gians like Black Sabbath or AC/DC and modern ones like PJ Harvey.

And this mixture can be heard on Spitfire. The second album of this band has everything you need for a good party CD: Relaxed chorus ... more/mehr


Joachim Witt Dom
Joachim Witt is an old hand at German pop history. Already active in the 60s and 70s, but his name and his music became not until the early 80s very well-known, and his song "Goldener Reiter" was one of the driving forces of the Neue Deutsche Welle. His most famous hit was 17 years later, "Die Flut" and the Bayreuth trilogy ... more/mehr


Job For A Cowboy Genesis
They could be a Black Metal band, because their logo is practically illegible... and as you might expect already, those USAmericans from Phoenix offer a sound bombardment for your ears. But in this case it´s Old School Death Metal, plus a portion of Grind and some Thrash. Somehow it reminds me of Cannibal Corpse (that aggression, ... more/mehr



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