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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Lava 303 The Goddess Rules
Conni Maly alias „Lava 303“ already attracts my attention with the cover photo, on which you can see her in a flower field, with a guitar in her hand, a lizard mask on and a screaming orange wig on her head. Also in the booklet, the lady shows what she´s got, topless – in an attempt to make her voice heard louder?? Her German-English ... more/mehr


Lay Down Rotten Reconquering The Pit
The fourth longplayer auf the Germans Lay Down Rotten invites with a Zombie-Terminator character to reconquer the pit. And this is the way it should work out: right after the intro with a horror-soundtrack the title song begins, and it will be definitely a major hit being played live.

First you have some time to prepare ... more/mehr


Lay Down Rotten Gospel of the Wretched
I have to admit that I had not listed LDR so far on my Death Metal list. I always thought that they are more or less Metalcore. A mistake, as I have to notice right now! ``Gospel of the Wretched`` has become a killer of a Death Metal release. Death Metal like growls, speed variation from midtempo to blast, cool riffs and even cooler ... more/mehr


Lazy Bums Handmade
A spacy-dreamy piano passage with spoken vocals starts off the second album of the Lazy Bums from Italy. What follows is a good mix of 70s psychedelic rock a la Zeppelin, indie, grunge and stoner rock. Those who know the Von Hertzen Brothers from Finland will know about in what direction it goes and the voice of the singer reminds ... more/mehr


Le Baron Vampire Baruch
The first impression of Baruch, without having even listened to one single note, is pretty gimmick-y (the band name alone, the song titles, d´uh!), especially after all this Twilight and other supernatural hype thingies in the media lately, I personally, don´t want to see let alone listen to any vampires anymore. After the first ... more/mehr



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