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Mortiis: Endlessly intoxicated with music
The new remix record “Some Kind Of Heroin” was a good reason for STALKER to contact Mortiis; naturally we also wanted to know what happened on their just finished tour with Deathstars and their future plans. Mortiis himself answered, revealing the bad sides of show business and the danger to sell your soul to a record company. >> more/mehr

Mortiis: A statement of independence
Recently Mortiis offered a free download of their new record “Perfectly Defect” to their fans and after that started a 2-month tour with their Norwegian colleagues Combichrist. When they dropped by in Helsinki´s On The Rocks, singer Mortiis talked with STALKER about the touring curse and the pains of separation. >> more/mehr

Mortiis: “We are used to never fitting in...”
More than 16 years ago the Sisters of Mercy went on a strike against dishonesty of their record label and have not put out any official product of their art since, other then an occasional concert. For a while now Norwegian ever-changing Mortiis is also still label-less, rejecting the greed of the music industry. Yet this doesn’t stop the band from creating new material, progressing with original solutions and future plans. Being a pretty stubborn Northern guy, Mortiis’ frontman Håvard Ellefsen is ready to wait an eternity, but can the fans wait as long? And moreover, will this make any significant change in modern music industry and the business “vampires” behind it? Impressively, Håvard holds himself very self-assured, with enough humour and good acting skills, thus this man’s presence conveys certain confidence for the future to come... >> more/mehr

Moses W.: Accordion doesn´t rock!
Now something completely different in this STALKER forum. It still deals with music and „Hevi Meddel“ but it is not about a band... well, but somehow it is... so what, just continue reading and you will learn more about "Meddel", Moses W. from E., Germany, and his childhood trauma...
>> more/mehr

Motor Sister: Live and loud party sound
A new super group emerged in the US, featuring vocalist/guitarist Jim Wilson, vocalist Pearl Aday and members of Anthrax, namely guitarist Scott Ian, bassist Joey Vera, and drummer John Tempesta. The band called itself Motor Sister after the Mother Superior song "Little Motor Sister". They recently gave their stage debut, and their first album RIDE, produced by Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Steel Panther) will be released by March 10, 2015 via Metal Blade. But let´s simply have Jim Wilson tell us more ... >> more/mehr


Axemaster: Overture for more to come
One of those bands with a long history: Axemaster was formed in 1985, rocking the scene with classic >> more/mehr
Fresh Act July / August
When living in Finland, it is difficult to ignore the simple fact that this country is the world´s number >> more/mehr
Tuska Open Air 2015
Just when it seemed certain that the summer of 2015 was a hopeless case, along came Tuska and brought the good weather with ... more/mehr 2015-07-07
CD: Powerwolf
Two years after their no 1 hit album “Preachers of the Night” (at least in Germany), Powerwolf release their new album “Blessed ... more/mehr 2015-08-03
CONCERT: Faith No More
The comeback of the legendary crossover band Faith No More was one of the remarkable recent news on music heaven. ... more/mehr 2015-06-24
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