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Necrodeath Draculea
This is how Black Metal is fun! The Italian Band Necrodeath, who can look back on a 25-year-career, will definitely raise a lot of attention in the scene with this album. Rather inspired by classical Metal/Thrash, this concept album re-tells the story of the legendary Vlad Tepes and offers Horror-style Intro and Outro, but this is ... more/mehr


Necroid Natural Disharmonies
Well, I just wonder if you really need something like that, and I dare to doubt it. Necroid play Old-School Death Metal and not bad, but it seems all their riffs hav e already been heard over and over again. Doesnīt matter. Really annoying is the sound which doesnīt exceed demo quality. And thatīs why you really donīt miss much. ... more/mehr


Necromantia The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven
Diabolical music from the South, and Greece should be on the Black Metal screen due to Rotting Christ... Necromatnti, founded 1989, are considered pioneers of the second wave of Black Metal. Besides the fact that no guitars are used – only 8-string and 4-string bass - The Magus (bass/vocals) and Baron Blood (8-string-bass) have a ... more/mehr


Needle And The Pain Reaction Pheromone
Itīs no Metal but itīs heavy. The Belgians Luc Waegeman (bass/back voc), Peter De Bosschere (drums/back voc) and Wim Deliveyne (git/voc) formed their trio with this extremely long name in the year 2000, Pheromone is their second long player: Pretty British sounding Indie Rock, but loud and fierce, not as boring as some of the big ... more/mehr


Negative Anorectic
With their hit “The Moment Of Our Love” the Finnish sextet might also be know in Germany. And although the guys around lead-singer Jonne Aaron Liimatainen have been playing their music for about ten years now, they have just released their third album entitled “Anorectic”. In comparison to the preceding records the Scandinavians ... more/mehr



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