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Negative Karma Killer
In 2003, Negative started the "War of Love" and could reach not only dozens of little girls´ hearts but also the top position of the Finnish charts. The follow-up "Sweet & Deceitful" was a even a greater success, a tour through Germany together with HIM and The Rasmus followed. A festival perfectly designed for the teenage target ... more/mehr


Negator Die eisernen Verse
Wow, even right after putting the stereo on you have to step back. Mercilessly the opener „Eisen wider Siechtum“ booms from the boxes, so even veteran Metal fans need some moments to recover. And that style isn´t going to change throughout the album. Here it´s full speed all the time, furious and fine. And contrary to a lot of competitors ... more/mehr


Negradonna - same -
Negradonna – three dark sisters from Cracow, Poland, make music together: Teresa on subtle percussion and drums, Cecylia on violin, but the darkest one, Rozalia – “Czarna Pani” (the black lady) – sings and plays the keyboards and guitar; she writes the Polish lyrics and the elegiac sound. For thy lyrics she ladles from a fruitful ... more/mehr


NEGRADONNA Negradonna (II)
Pain can torture in a physical or mental way. To express physical pain in music could be through brutal shouts or ugly dissonance. But the sound of the band Negradonna from Cracow, Poland, is rather harmonic and relaxing. It's about an inner kind of pain which mournfully reflects a dark shape of the soul. A lament on autumnal evenings.

This ... more/mehr


Nekropolis The Perversion Of Humanity
A little bit conflicted comes the debut of the German Nekropolis along. In the time of 13 songs (including the intro) is practised a dark Melodic Death Metal. The whole combined with some sampleparts at the right places, this makes a nice fresh mix. That the five stands a fine sense for tension curves at the side, is a fat plus of ... more/mehr



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