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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Nemhain From The Ashes
If you are disposed for a straight played guitar-rock without big effects or a squint to the market, but puts punk, death`n´roll and a spoonful of morbid nostalgic 70th hard rock into the mixer – you should give this new debut of Nemhain a try. They don’t invent a new species of music, but this isn’t the goal. They just let the strings, ... more/mehr


Neon Synthesis Alchemy Of Rebirth
Electro Rock from Italy. Forcefully the electric guitars drive their riffs into the hall; massively the synthie-programming and drumbeats roll a carpet of rhythm over the dancefloor. A sonorous voice roars from bad to melodious tunes, charges a magnet with the ingredients of the musical scene-life from the past 20 years to catch ... more/mehr


Nervous Nellie DON’T THINK feel
They don't sound that nervous at all, these newcomers from Sweden. Their independent rock with influences from punk to country comes across as calm and solid more than anything. That apparently simplistic understatement is intentional; these four guys simply want to make music with catchy melodies that represents their everyday ... more/mehr


Nettlecarrier Nettlecarrier
Nowadays you could define Nettlecarrier as a so called „Supergroup“, looking at the members of former Enslaved, Gorgoroth, Djevel and Urgehal fame. This Norwegian trio blasts its way through their first ever fulltime longplayer (a 7“EP was released in 2007) like the devil himself. The production is raw, primitive and straight forward. ... more/mehr


Neuronia Insanity Relapse
Once again Poland proved to be a good breeding ground for excellent bands, and I can count this one in. Neuronia return with brand new studio material, more than two years after the release of their debut ‘Follow the White Mouse’. The style can be described as ranging from Old-School-Thrash with catchy chorus (Kick the Fuckers Out) ... more/mehr



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