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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Nikki Puppet Puppet on a string
Nikki Puppet have already achieved what others still have to try: Their Promo album „Puppet on a string“ presents high quality Hardrock and an excellent production!
Every song is convincing, despite clear and classical structures, displaying sophisticated influences and catchy choruses. Female singer Nicky, sometimes snotty-growling, ... more/mehr


Nile Ithyphallic
With "Ithyphallic" Nile easily manage to keep their reputation as one of the best Death Metal bands. Once again the fifth album is wrapped in a Egyptian theme, with the same complex technical but more easy-get-to arrangements, just like on the preceeding "Annihilation for the Wicked". Nile offers here a well-done mixture of uptempo ... more/mehr


Nim Vind The Fashion Of Fear
The name Fiendforce Records stands for quality. Completely turned to the great spectrum of horror punk, they regularly release albums of the greats of this scene as well as newcomers in this genre. Among them Nim Vind. The Canadian offers partly songs by Mr.Underhill(R.I.P.) in a new version, partly new compositions of his own. The ... more/mehr


NINE It’s your funeral
The press release said “Is it Metal? Is it Rock? Is it Hardcore? Is it “post” something? You decide”, and so it was also for me a little hard to categorize those Swedes. Especially during the verse parts two worlds collide – melodic, partly quite low-key guitars and the aggro-voice of the singer, which for my taste presses a little ... more/mehr


Nine Inch Nails Year Zero
Still I cannot make sense of this sticker on the album cover. The legendary institution PMRC (they created this “Explicit Lyrics” sticker) was obviously replaced by USBM, the “US Bureau Of Morality”. The sticker says that “by consuming or spreading this CD you may be deemed subversive.” So how about listening, writing a positive ... more/mehr



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