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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Nine Inch Nails Hesitation Marks
Three years ago Nine Inch Nails announced that they will call it a day for an undefined period of time, yet Nine Inch Nails has constatly renewed itself when it comes to music and lineups, ranging from synth driven rock music (Pretty Hate Machine), highly overdriven guitars and more aggression (Broken and The Downwards Spiral) and ... more/mehr


NmeMine Life without Water
Real cool CD. Honestly! Nmemine created with „Life Without Water“ a rather modern yet still timeless Rock record that can be just recommended to everybody. Great tunes, apt riffs, powerful beats and of course great songs! A must! ... more/mehr


No Machine A terrible thing
No Machine were formed in 2006 more or less coincidentally during a jam session in a bar. The driving force behind this still rather unknown quintet are the Greek-born brothers Al and Emil Rivers. But, if there is something like justice in music business, the underground status of the band should not last for long. On their debut ... more/mehr


No Opinion No Chains for Change
The guys of No Opinion definitely have seen quite a lot of the world already. They not only toured in Europe, the Southern Germans also conquered the US and even China. In addition, the band played support for numerous bands – thus, there´s just one question left, what else do they want to achieve?! Well, to be honest, I haven´t ... more/mehr


No Turning Back Rise From The Ashes
Traditional New York hardcore fans will add this to their collection. ”Rise From The Ashes” from Hollands No Turning Back is a good example from the CBGB’s scene. By the looks of this band with their hardcore shouts, raw guitars and nine songs under 20 minutes, these guys aren’t fooling anyone. Hardcore from the heart played to the ... more/mehr



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