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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Nocturnal Violent Revenge
Just a small warning before you continue reading: If you go crazy, when you get to know, that the members are called Hellbastard, Tyrannizer, Avenger and Vomitor and a guy named Skullcrusher did the artwork and can thus conclude that this sounds damn old fashioned, which is not your style, then “Violent Revenge” will not be your ... more/mehr


Nocturnal Rites Grand Illusion
Normally I am not such a big fan of this so very popular melodic Power Metal. But Nocturnal Rites are quite appealing. Certainly they don´t invent the wheel once again, and the vocals are often close or beyond the limit, but „Grand Illusion“ offers something: Passion. Those 10 Tracks display such a lot of enthusiasm that even I really ... more/mehr


Noise Capital Ghost Army
The press text sounds interesting. It begins with the words: “Noise Capital – without quiet there is no loud, without silence there is no noise”. Noise Capital are supposed to be four musicians, who “laid down their egos or never had an ego at all”. Their sound is described as “modern, alternative rock -- uncompromisingly arranged ... more/mehr


Noise Of Minority You Reap What We Sow
Noise of Minority approach surprisingly hard, sound more adult and technically better. After their 2005 album “8thin” the long time anticipated record “You reap What We Sow” is now released. It seems that the guys let off steam in the hardcore- jalopy, N.B. a well- balanced mixture of melodic frictions and increasing hardness.
Speed- ... more/mehr


Noisome Paste Day In June
"Day In June" is the second album of this Indie band from Northern Germany, who according to their statements had endured a lot of errors, confusion and desillusions caused by some dubious people in the music industry. Finally they found their way, they are authentic due to their own initiative, via self-promotion and many concerts ... more/mehr



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