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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Noizsquad Amok
For fans of bands like Biohazard and Suicidal Tendencies the album "Amok" with its 8 short songs from the formation Noizsquad might be worth the 5-euro investment. Short, hard and fast they hack away at the instruments. Some people would find it too monotonous, the singing is nothing special. But it shouldn't be with ... more/mehr


Nom de Guerre la la la
"LaLaLa" contains sophisticated Alternative Music from the realm of Indie Rock. The Trio Nom De Guerre from Sweden manages to capture the listener´s attention with songs like So Long Sister or Everland, and even invite them to sing along. Entertainment is their thing. Still not everything hits a bull´s eye but Alternative Partys ... more/mehr


Nonstop Stereo Solides Grundrauschen
German-speaking rock music is a funny thing. Sometimes it works just brilliantly see Die Ärzte, Tocotronic who with certain plays of words know how to tap the full potential of the German language, but in most cases, though, you, as a German, wished you wouldn’t understand every word. Nonstop Stereo do German-speaking, slightly punky ... more/mehr


NoOpinion Allegro
The tempo indication „allegro“ is used in music for pieces that are played with a metronome marking of 120-168 or “beats per minute”. And with this background knowledge one can already guess where NOOPINION take us with their album “Allegro”. And so the guys from Garmisch, Germany play a mix of punk and hardcore with harmonious singing, ... more/mehr


Nordagust In the mist of morning
Coming to the point right away, in my opinion this CD sounds a lot better than many others who sail under the "atmospheric" flag. You better do not expect rough Metal stuff, the CD keeps within the boundaries of this Symphonic Progressive-Rock genre, which was conquered by Pink Floyd and made accessible for the consumer masses. Nothing ... more/mehr



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