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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Nordic Nomadic Worldwide Skyline
NORDIC NOMADIC involving singer/songwriter Chad Ross is one of the best additions to the Tee Pee shed; “Worldwide Skyline” is the second album from the Canadian and it´s wickedly awesome. Why? It´s because of the mixture of mighty groove, simple but effective guitar riffs and a truckload of rage in the stomach. Chad Ross differs ... more/mehr


Nordward Ho Rock n Roll Fangfahrt
The Schleswig-Holstein based guys from the rocking Senior league played two years ago a powerful concert with fun and solid rock in the Hamburg Markthalle. Since then Nordward Ho have diligently continued to cobble the stages with their sound, and now they push an album in the offshore market - "Rock`n´Roll Fangfahrt" with ... more/mehr


Norma Book Of
Well done ambient music became pretty rare in past times, therefore it’s even more exciting to get such a nice and solidly produced Album like “Book of” from NORMA. This Album contains 8 Songs without too many artificial effects. The opener by those Swedish musicians goes straight forward, “Waste” is nice to hear, “Evelyn” is nearly ... more/mehr


Norma Jean O´God, The Aftermath
The debut „Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child“ of the five guys from Atlanta, wasn’t really catching me completely. Their new album “O´God, The Aftermath“ is really a development and shows much more originality and brave. Harmonic is probably the best word to describe it, even if the songs are heavier than usually, they are ... more/mehr


North The Great Silence
This quintet from Arizona, USA, took a long time for their 2nd CD (which was recorded at Loveland Studios in Tucson), their debut What You Were came out in 2008. The opening of The Great Silence appears to be relaxed, a calm Prog introduction – as if Pink Floyd had borrowed Crowbar´s singer... but then it´s time for brutal riffing, ... more/mehr



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