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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Negative | Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue Hamburg
Colourful or black dressed Glamrock-Fans from Germany and Finland waited in front of the Grünspan club doors, trying to escape from the freezing temperatures and to see their favorites: Negative visited Hamburg.

The audience was a nice mixture, dark creatures as well as young girls dressed in a lot of plush and pink. The ... more/mehr


Negative | Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue Helsinki
Even after 22.00 Tavastia felt empty, but still, as more people were flowing in, until the very end I could not entirely feel the atmosphere of the evening. This night´s show was not so vivid at all, despite all the glam and glitter. Such a difference from the night before with Laibach. The audience was so plain, mostly female and ... more/mehr


NEMHAIN + Der Schulz + Unzucht Hamburg
For the second time this year the Brit-rockers NEMHAIN, the band of (fetish model) Amber and her husband drummer Adrian Erlandsson (Paradise Lost), jumped across the Channel to Hamburg. In May, nor with the Norsemen of MAN and The Cumshots on the road, this time blowing a rather unexpected group for the opening. ... more/mehr


New Model Army | Honigdieb Darmstadt
New Model Army had to overcome hard times in the past 24 months. At first ex-drummer and once companion Robert Heaton died of cancer last year then long-time guitarist Dave Blomberg surprisingly left the band after finishing the recordings for their new album “Carnival”. After his solo project mastermind Justin Sullivan had to make ... more/mehr


Nightwish Hamburg
The Support bands Pain and Krieger have already heated up the hall, and you can feel the excitement after the break when the orchestra Intro begins and the huge deep-blue banner becomes visible. Everybody stares to the front and then screams on top of their voices, when the exceptional composer and band mastermind Tuomas and his ... more/mehr



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