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36 Crazyfists Rest Inside The Flames
Oh my God! This is exactly what I really needed. The third output of those Alaska-Screamo-heroes 36 Crazyfists titled „Rest Inside The Flames“ fires off indeed. Singer Brock Lindow cannot sing better, there´s nothing to top that; when he shouts your castles-in-the-air collapse, when he sings even Godzilla cannot help crying rivers. ... more/mehr


3RD D-Day
This Italian band with this very short name has been existing since 1998 and describes their music as „a personalized post thrash with different influence from Machine Head to Alice in Chains.“ After releasing just a few demos, 3RD produced now the real great full length album D Day. Aggressive and appealing, without forgetting about ... more/mehr


400Colpi Homo Homini Lupus
The band name 400Colpi sounds, at least for non-Italian ears, a little strange but what do the musicians who are behind this project have to offer? Firstly, Homo Homini Lupus [Man is man´s wolf] is the debut album of these six guys from Italy, and secondly, the album contains many different styles (thrash, hardcore) plus Italian ... more/mehr


4Lyn Compadres
I didn´t even know that this band still exists. But obviously I put too early a One Hit Wonder label on them. Because with „Compadres“ 4Lyn prove that they still have something to offer. After the slightly dragging Opener „Beautiful Waste“ they fire off Crossover-granades non-stop. Moreover, their mix of Rock, Punk, Metal and Alternative ... more/mehr


4Lyn Quasar
4LYN offer with "Quasar" an exciting, rocking album - but some old fan doesn´t agree, some journalist calls it stylistic uncertain and compares it with Korn or Linkin Park. The Hamburg 4LYN came back from a four-year studio break and have become not a piece wiser, only better. The so reviled lack of concepts can be interpreted ... more/mehr



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