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Rock Hard Festival 2006 Gelsenkirchen
“If you continue eating like this you´ll never become a beautiful person!“ This was right at the beginning of the festival, one of the very few negative moments about to occur this especially beautiful weekend. A shaggy woman far beyond her 40s thought she had to comment my pizza consumption (but I kept the second piece just for ... more/mehr


Rock Hard Festival 2013 Gelsenkirchen
The Rock Hard Festival has become one of the most important in the German Metal scene and for me it´s the festival highlight of every year. Because of the billing that usually offers great bands, and also in its 11th year Götz Kühnemund and his Rock Hard Crew offer a fantastic package. The Whitsun weekend saw more than 20 bands, ... more/mehr


Rock Hard Festival 2014 Gelsenkirchen
I think next year, if I have the opportunity, I will already travel on Thursday to Gelsenkirchen. Despite a supposedly timely departure, several jams and a pesky Ruhr rush hour traffic make me arrive much later than planned at the RHF, and I get to hear only the last three songs of Apokalyptische Reiter, and ... more/mehr


Rock Hard Festival 2015 Gelsenkirchen
Punctually leaving Friday morning - check! Sufficient amount of cold drinks packed - check! Shortly before purchasing an overpriced parking ticket in order to avoid annoying tent transport and tedious searching for a place and the same building – check!

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