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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Strapt Hamburg
To fill the little Molotow in Hamburg is not very difficult but to cram it with journalists and to host a press gig for a crossover/hardcore band that is unkown in this country is something completely different.

Alright, the guys were on tour with Snoop Doggy Dog because his manager plays bass with Strapt but ... more/mehr


Stratovarius / Amaranthe / Seven Kingdoms Pratteln
After 2 months the first interesting concert – not because there were no good bands in the rooster, but even the best become a bit stale if it´s all the same over and over again in the Z7 program. Maybe the club should consider more variety. This year seems to feature a Game Of Thrones winter, but finally a week without snow and ... more/mehr


Stratovarius / Mystic Prophecy / Tracedawn Pratteln
Actually it is one of those days you´d rather spend at home in bed. The sky seems threatening even in the morning, and indeed, it begins to snow during the trip to Z7. Snow, snow and more snow, somehow fitting to those 2 bands from – equally snow-covered – Finland who play tonight.

The warm-up ... more/mehr


Sturm und Drang Helsinki
Finnish rockers Sturm und Drang are still a young band considering the age of the members, but they already have three albums under their belts. I felt it was about time to go and check them out. The venue was far from sold out, but that did not keep them from playing a good show.

From the opener “Hammer to Fall“ to the ... more/mehr


Subway To Sally Köln
It is remarkable that STS tours always feature unknown but very talented bands as warm-up act, and this time Coppelius had their chance and, at least in Köln, knew how to use it.

With contrabass, cello, clarinet and drums those six crazy Germans run on stage, 20 h sharp. Their energetic stage show and their more-than-funny ... more/mehr



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