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Umbrtka Ivo
Umbrtka is a metal band from Plzeň, Czech Republic, founded in 2000. The band has quite a back catalogue (available at www.werewolfshop.cz) and describe their music, which incorporates black, doom, industrial metal elements and is influenced by Czech underground, as ´grey´ metal.
The main themes of their Czech language ... more/mehr


umnachter project Schall und Rauch
No Deathmetal, no Powerrock, no fury – acoustical sound from Austria, calm and relaxing from the big family of “Folk” and obviously characterized by regional streams describes the valleys and mountains of a very personal journey of soul. The “umnachter project” of Robert Polsterer from Vienna, who feels at home in the Austrian mountains, ... more/mehr


Unburied Murder 101
That´s how Death Metal should sound like! The trio Unburied from Virginia present here their second full-length album "Murder 101" in best Obituary, Repulsion, early Cannibal Corpse fashion, and with it, the band, that is around since 1994, takes absolutely no prisoners. In less than 30 minutes, they ´gruntthrash´ themselves through ... more/mehr


Unchained Unchained
The Swedish band Unchained has been active since 1999, and now finally they have a self titled debut album out, with which the men take their first steps into no man’s land. From melodic power metal to heavy metal, with hints of progressive rock, that’s what is presented here. They don’t reinvent the genre, but their ideas are carried ... more/mehr


Uncle Ho The Manufacture Of Madness
Pretty wild, talented, diverse, direct, rough, a little dirty. Like themselves say, "The songs are very raw". Existing since 1994 Uncle Ho from Germany/Wuppertal appear despite this long period even still unpolished. The first song revolves around the distinctive guitar riff, simple, tough, effective rock`n´roll, a little ... more/mehr



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