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Undecimber Seven Nights Of Sin
Undecimber is a Gothic Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden, founded in 2007. The band first gained recognition for writing the soundtrack for Swedish horror writer Åsa Schwarz´ Demonology series, and their music also appeared in the documentary movie A Gothic Confession (An Interview With A Goth). Now they released their debut album, ... more/mehr


Under Byen Det Er Mig Der Holder Träerne Sammen
Brilliant! Refreshing! Different! What this eight man band from Aarhus/Denmark presents here is definitely well done. Once you get used to the unusual language, you wouldn't want to miss it. Singer Henriette Sennevaldt paints elaborate images with her voice, intoxicating and emotional. Music as a universal means of communication. ... more/mehr


Undertow Don´t Pray To The Ashes...
What a noise! UNDERTOW prove their point once again with their new album “Don’t Pray To The Ashes...”, containig nothing less than extreme noise, challenging your ears. This doesn’t mean that it’s not a good piece of music, quite the contrary! UNDERTOW have ever been a big name in their genre of music. In my opinion it’s the best ... more/mehr


Unearthly Trance The Trident
First to notice is a beautiful artwork of this album, classical to the genre of doom metal. Yet Unearthly Trance is not the same slow depressive doom one might expect, as this record offers quite a diversity of variations of the genre: ranging from some extremely fast parts to wonderfully slow melancholic solos… Because of such sound ... more/mehr


Uninvited Guest Malice in Wonderland
If you´re into Tim Burton, dark humor, you read Deathrock magazine and British accent is your next favorite sound, don´t miss Malice in Wonderland – I guarantee this record will be on your stereo´s repeat. Especially now, as we are approaching Halloween. In fact, even if you don´t care for any of the above, I´d still say you need ... more/mehr



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