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Union Youth The Boring Years
So far, Bad Bentheim had no particular musical meaning to me. But this is now changing thanks to Union Youth. This quartet is into the rockier side of Rock’n’Roll. They aren't always as gripping as their Swedish counterparts, but they still manage to be convincing. The only thing that gets on my nerves after a while is the singing, ... more/mehr


Unisonic Unisonic
The mere fact that Michael Kiske finally exhibits his vocal talent at 100% again, should make many Hard Rock Fans´ heart beat faster. After he parted ways with Helloween, there wasn´t much to be heard from the charismatic singer but now he´s back with a band of superlatives. As if it wouldn´t have been enough to have Swiss Mandy ... more/mehr


Universal Indicator, The Grandstand of Horror
Cool CD title, boring music. This is how you could describe „Grandstand of Horror“ by Universal Indicator. Yet it starts off quite promising and rocking. Unfortunately their Punkrock proves to be quite mediocre. And if you think the following song could be better because of the intro, you will be disappointed when the chorus starts. ... more/mehr


Unsun The End of Life
It seems that Evanscence like sound are really up to date nowadays in Poland. First there were Delight with a real good album and no Unsun follow them up.

``The End of Life`` offers all shades of modernHard Rock: catchy melodies, strong guitar riffs, powerful orchester parts and a (female) voice full of empathy. Best songs ... more/mehr


Untoten Die Blutgräfin
The legendary Untoten devote themselves on this opus to the just as legendary Hungarian noblewoman Erzsebet Báthory, who tortured and killed hundreds of young girls in the 16th century. It is well-known that also Cradle of Filth kept themselves busy with this murderous lady and now she is honoured with this “Schwarzromantischem Singspiel” ... more/mehr



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