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U.D.O. Steelhammer - Live From Moscow
It has become a tradition: After each studio album, U.D.O. record a live CD during the following tour. They have done so since Mastercutor Alive (2008) - with the small exception of the Dominator tour. So, here it is again, a live release - available as BluRay or DVD, both come with two CDs. This is already the third live release ... more/mehr


U.D.O. Decadent
``Decadent`` is already the 15th studio album from (U.D.O.). In the past years many changes happened in the band, not in terms of music, but in terms of personell. The two guitar players Stefan Kaufmann and Igor Gianola quit or were forced to quit the band, and now also drummer Francesco Jovino has left.

Maybe it is due ... more/mehr


Uhrilehto Ihmisvihan Eliitti
The Finnish Black Metallers released with "Ihmisvihan..." their fourth album, but still they cannot make lightning strike. The quartet has some good ideas, especially with breaks and tempo changes, yet there is still something missing. Is it tunes? Distinctive hooks? The groove? Perhaps a combination of all three. The production ... more/mehr


Ultranoir Songs of Sex and Self-Hate
I have to admit that I am no big expert in Gothic/Dark Wave. But in my opinion it can only be better than this self-made and untitled silver plate. The whining vocals sound like Depeche Mode after drinking three bottles tequila, and those cheap e-drums might add a better sound to Mambo Kurt´s records, but it´s not good enough for ... more/mehr


Ulytau Two Warriors
ULYTAU chose with Folkrock a genre that will never be really popular – and with the headstrong album “Two Warriors” this is shown once more. This silver disc is more than just some songs on a CD. Where other bands make the sound track to “let off steam” to party or to demonstrate, “Two Warriors” first of all is art. Music as some ... more/mehr



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