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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Zombie Love Club Halloween Party: Velvet Six / Lucky Hell / DJ Jyrki69 Helsinki
"Zombie Love Club" Host and DJ Jyrki69 (of The 69 Eyes frontman) invites this time to the "Halloween Edition" at the "Kokomo Tikibar" instead of the usual venue "Alakerta". We don`t mind the non-recurring change of the venue for Halloween at all, as this place is one of THE top locations in Helsinki. Consistent with the Hula Hula ... more/mehr


Zombie Love Club: Baton Rogue Morgue / DJ Jyrki69 Helsinki
"Finally a live-band at the `Zombie Love Club` which REALLY rocks!": A statement you heard quite often from tonight`s audience at "Bar Loose" - and which might be true if you disregard Velvet Six at the "Halloween Edition" of "Zombie Love Club" in 2011. But if not Baton Rogue Morgue from Porvoo / Finland, who else would be able to ... more/mehr


Zombie Love Club: Face Of God / HeadHeartHands / DJ Jyrki69 Helsinki
Was the reason that I had seen three shows of Hardcore Superstar and thus how a crowd in hellish party mood looks like? Or was it because of the fact that I could have been at a Caroline gig instead that night where such party mood was guaranteed? In any case, the fourth "Zombie Love Club" - this time neither at "Alakerta" nor at ... more/mehr


Zombie Love Club: Irma / DJ Jyrki69 Helsinki
One of the few highlights in the summer of 2011 were the three DJ sessions of The 69 Eyes frontman Jyrki69 at "Alakerta". "Zombie Love Summer Club" was the name of the events series and after the summer was over, the same applied to the relaxed happening. But according to the club advertising, "only one man can save Rock`n`Roll", ... more/mehr


Zombie Love Club: Irma / DJ Jyrki69 Helsinki
Again a "Zombie Love Club" with Irma as live-act? Well, almost. Actually, there was another act playing that night: "Rex Vingris", the Singer / Songwriter project of Underdøgs singer Jukka Paajanen. We would have enjoyed to see this performance, too, after we had skipped all the live-acts last time due to our previous "Zombie Love ... more/mehr



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