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Edguy / Kottak Pratteln
The whole weekend I was anxious about a possible cancellation of this concert, because those 3 gigs in Germany had to be cancelled due to Tobias Sammet’s throat infection. Therefore I was very pleased to see Edguy again – and many others shared my opinion, Z7 was almost sold out.

are four Rock’n’Rollers ... more/mehr


Edguy / Unisonic / Masterplan Pratteln
A high quality package tonight on stage – those are the German top singers, songwriters, guitarists, and Edguy are among the most successful German bands for a reason. You notice the increased interest, the concert has almost been sold out via presales, and the place is almost full when the first band starts at 19.30 h.

The ... more/mehr


EISBRECHER, supp. Stahlmann Hamburg
The German band Eisbrecher has celebrate in the Hamburg club Docks an awesome concert. An icebreaker is known to be a ship that breaks the ice, and that is certainly broken at this concert and has made some waves of enthusiasm. Eisbrecher as well as the support band Stahlmann can be directed into the region ... more/mehr


Eisheilige Nacht 2013 - Subway to Sally / Korpiklaani / Lordi / Lord of the Lost Pratteln
Today the rain god does not mean well for the kick-off of the Eisheiligen Nacht (English: Night of the Ice Saints) tour and gives its visitors wet feet. At least there is no snow or glazed frost! The show today is the first of nine concerts, which will be criss-crossing Germany. The only show in Switzerland at the venue Z7 is well ... more/mehr


Eisregen / Stoneman / Hämatom Zürich
Luckily, I had no clue what I was getting myself into before I left for this show. Actually, I only went to Zürich to interview the guys from Stoneman and see their first gig with new bassist Cris before the release of their new album (26.11.2010). But, ok, let´s be open-minded and check out the two other bands, too. Then again, ... more/mehr



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