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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!

Girlschool / Benedictum / V8 Wankers Pratteln
This evening is dedicated to Old School Rock, with a girl band, a Valkyrie-like front woman and Top-Rocker from Germany - a mixture that has the Metal Heart beating faster. Headbanging is a Must, and the predominatly male audience is exactly doing that, until they drown in sweat.

V8 Wankers
Those five guys from ... more/mehr


Global Battle Of The Bands 2012 - Semifinal Finland Helsinki
"The Global Battle Of The Bands" (GBOB), "Emergenza", "Radio RockStarba"... Bandcontests seem to be a prospering business at the moment, at least in Finland. GBOB as well as "Emergenza" are claiming to be the world`s biggest music competition for live-bands of all genres. Who is right? Well, GBOB started in 2004, and in 2010 over ... more/mehr


Gotthard / Europe Bochum
If you tell friends that you go to a Europe concert, their question will be "So they are still existing?" Yes they are, and they donīt play Oldie festivals, but their own tours or as co-headliner, both pretty successfully. The other day the Ruhrcongresshalle was not as full as last time, perhaps about 1400 Fans werde there. ... more/mehr


Green Day Hamburg
A sold out sports hall would burst at the seams on this day with shitty weather. The first and only support band was New Found Glory, who really got the crowd going. After barely 40 minutes their time was up and the stage was rebuilt.

During the break, a clown, or rather a big pink interlude bunny, tried to get the audience ... more/mehr



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