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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Delain Ludwigsburg
I had been looking forward to this day for a long time. On April the 22nd Delain came back where they belong: to the stage! Ever since their album “Lucidity” the guys and the girl from the Netherlands are not an unknown act any more. Also the latest record “April Rain”, released some weeks ago, sells well.
And then they came: ... more/mehr


Delain / Trillium / Halcyon Way Pratteln
I have been looking forward to this concert since the release of the Trillium debut album. Unfortunately they are only one of the supports this evening, but still it is a chance to see them live. Actually I had not expected to see such a big crowd (350-400 people), that means Delain who had been visiting Z 7 only in the role as ... more/mehr


Devin Townsend Project / Fear Factory Helsinki
Devin Townsend is a regular visitor in Helsinki, best remembered for his double headlining appearance at Tuska 2010 (the world-exclusive Ziltoid The Omniscient show on the first day, a standard DTP gig on the second). The ongoing club tour, too, included two consecutive evenings in Helsinki, but this time the variations in the setlist ... more/mehr


Die So Fluid Hamburg
Once again, the LOGO in Hamburg demonstrated to be a place of small, exquisite rock spectacles. The low ceiling height, the pillar in the middle of the stage, the old photographs on the walls, that's all saturated with Hamburg rock history and in any case, the proper venue for the British rockers Die So Fluid who - interspersed ... more/mehr


Die So Fluid / V for Violence Helsinki
A real concert marathon this Saturday: Thanks to (new) earlier schedules at Tavastia I could also enjoy the crazy Thrash-Metal-Core sound attacks of Daniel Lioneye and a part of the Turisas show before visiting Virgin Oil. The line-up of Daniel Lioneye features 3/5 of HIM´s band members, namely Burton, Mige and Linde, ... more/mehr



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