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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Paradise Lost / Lacuna Coil / Katatonia Dordrecht
I was aware of the fact that Friday lunchtime /afternoon is not exactly the best time to be driving on the highway to the Netherlands – but I hadnīt expected to be stuck in a chaos caused by weather and traffic jams when I started my drive to Dordrecht. Only a short while before doors opened, I actually arrived at the venue Bibelot, ... more/mehr


Paradise Lost / Samael / Ghost Brigade Mannheim
Three bands had found their way to the Alte Feuerwache in Mannheim tonight and all of them would have rightly deserved to play a headline show but there can be only one. Just for this tour Paradise Lost, Samael and Ghost Brigade joined their dark forces to spread the fateful magic of gloomy metal over everyone in the club. And so ... more/mehr


Pelasta Punainen Pallo: Michael Monroe Helsinki
"I used to worry `bout the money comin` in - Now I stick it in the charity bin": While elsewhere people are just debating about relief fonds for Japan, Michael Monroe lives up to the lyrics of his song "All You Need" (from his brandnew album "Sensory Overdrive") and initiates quickly the "Pelasta Punainen Pallo" charity event [in ... more/mehr


Perishing Mankind | Stockholm Syndrom Berg im Drautal
Austria, Berg/Drautal, Q-Bar, Perishing Mankind, Ars Moriendi, Stockholm Syndrom, these were the topics of that evening. Unfortunately we had to find out after arrival at Q-Bar, that Ars Moriendi had to cancel the show. And fans had to be patient, the concert started at 10 pm, but you had a chance to hang out with Stockholm Syndrom ... more/mehr


Philiae | Pete Blume | A Chinese Restaurant Hamburg
Rockelite Hamburg

It was for the first time that STALKER joined Rockelite, but definitely not for the last time, because we plan to support this idealistic Event in the future. A nice idea that the organizers realized here, far from competitions...

More Rockelite Infos in general: more/mehr



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