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SUMMER BREEZE 2008, part 3 Dinkelsbühl
part 3, Saturday, 16.08.2008

Debauchery started this third and last festival day in quite a bloody day and that in front of quite a lot of fans. Honestly I wouldn´t have expected that many people to show up at around 11 am after a hard party night. But hey, even those who were still a bit sleepy ... more/mehr


Summer Breeze 2010 - part 2 Dinkelsbühl
Friday, 20.08.2010

Friday started rather slowly, since for the first time in years, I didn´t have to/want to be in front of the stage at 11 already, since basically none of tue bands that were playing early interested me that much.
Thus this day "started" at around 3pm, but then in quite a brutal way, it was time ... more/mehr


Summer Breeze 2010 - part 1 Dinkelsbühl
What, it´s almost end of August and the festival season is also over? Time flies...
But wait, it wasn´t completely over yet, there was still one big festival waiting and once again the Summer Breeze was the festival for most people, to end the festival season with a big bang.
Two mainstages, one tentstage plus small stage ... more/mehr


Summer Breeze 2010 - part 3 Dinkelsbühl
Saturday, 21.08.2010
Somehow it didn´t really work with my plan to be in front of the Painstage at 11 this morning, to catch the very first gig of Be´Lakor outside Australia. Thus I had to live with the fact, that I could only hear them on the campingplace. However, it was great to hear, that the audience had gathered ... more/mehr


Summer Breeze 2011 - part 1 Dinkelsbühl
Every year when it´s finally time for the Summer Breeze Open Air, some Metalheads for sure pack their cars and backpack with melancholy, because, once it´s time for this festival, it also means, that the festival season is pretty much over. Apart from that, there´s for sure no reason to be sad! Summer Breeze as always celebrated ... more/mehr



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