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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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SPINEFARM YOUNG GUNS 2012 - Profane Omen / Deals Death / Carnalation / CB Murdoc Helsinki
The „Young Guns“ - brand new acts under the roof of Spinefarm Records – had to face tough competition in Helsinki´s live clubs (e.g. Amorphis); and initially it seemed that even a guest list raffle via facebook – because Profane Omen shot the video for their „Bound To Strive“ song that evening – had not helped much.

I felt ... more/mehr


Stahlmann / PitchBlack Inc. Kassel
For some time now BlackHeroe has been working as a DJ for D.N.A. meets Dark Wired Sounds – Parties in Kassel´s Panoptikum-Club, and besides the classics and news from Gothic Metal and Industrial Rock section he features upcoming young acts from the region. Soon the idea emerged to feature those acts also live and not just via CD. ... more/mehr


Starcrash / Combover / L60 Helsinki
When a former STALKER Fresh Act from Finland plays the very first gig in the capitol city, we just had to be there...


This trio wasn´t bad indeed, and for one song they even had a guest musician on trumpet. Still the overall sound was a bit too “alternative” for my taste, with some Stoner ... more/mehr


Steel Panther | Sleakstain Hamburg
When talking about a Steel Panther gig, there are a few things one should keep in mind: 1. It´s not just a musical act, but also a comedy; as such, you should never take it seriously. 2. All jokes aside, they aren´t bad at all musically. 3. It is fun as hell. This was already their second time in Hamburg and Grosse Freiheit 36 was ... more/mehr


Steve Harris British Lion Helsinki
Even in the Metal metropolis Helsinki a Monday could turn out a bit difficult for a concert, therefore I am curious how many people will actually be at the club. And how many of them actually know the band and not just like me the bass player. Steve Harris´ side project is touring Europe´s clubs until the end of March, a "back to ... more/mehr



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