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STALKERs Fresh Act – January/February 2010

Three dark sisters from Cracow, Poland, about love, suffering and eternal life. An unusual band focused on live-music still on the way to find their place in the music industry and the spreading of their music.

Welcome to Negradonna! Please, could you introduce yourself – who is Negradonna? About what kind of music we are talking?

Negradonna as a band is a trio of siblings; namely, the following three sisters: Rozalia, Cecylia and Teresa. The name itself means “Black Lady” and mostly refers to Rozalia, who has always worn black clothes; and it perfectly fits her spiritual state of mind. When we ask our fans and listeners about the sort of music we play, each of them gives a different definition, ranging from goth or dark-wave to “apocalyptic folk” (whatever it might mean). We absolutely can’t pigeonhole it.

In 2008 you produced your first album; a release without a label. Could you tell me something about it?

This album has been professionally recorded in a studio, but we did it only because people kept asking around for our CD’s after every concert and every radio presentation. We’re a live band, and we haven’t signed a contract with any label yet, which does not mean that we don’t want to. We focus on creation, not on promotion.

Who writes the music and lyrics? How do the members of Negradonna work together? If three sisters work together, it means they spend a lot of time together and have a really close relationship?

Our tracks are born like this: Rozalia usually introduces us to a brand new song she’s just composed, she sings it and plays her guitar. After listening to the new piece several times, we start playing it together (all three of us), and Rozalia trusts us totally about our arrangement of the track. She writes both the music and lyrics, Cecylia and Teresa prepare musical arrangements, plus we invite our friends Piotr Madej and Aslan to take care of electronic drums and effects. Besides, there are very special bonds between us, not only because we are sisters, but also through our music. And this is this special element that brings in something mysterious and spiritual, that creates the aura of our songs and what makes our music sound different with its subtle darkness.

The lyrics are in Polish language – what are they about?

Generally speaking, they deal with love, eternal life and suffering. The poetic, ready to sing English translations of our songs by our friend, Mr. Bat are already available on MySpace (www.myspace.com/negradonnaband).

Do you have musical idols, musicians or bands, which are important for you, who you really appreciate or who even could have an influence on your music?

To be brief and precise – yes, we do. Currently, our favourite idols are Roman Sidorov (Russian coldwave), Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Ontario Blue, Unholy, Aphex Twin, Ulver, Shape of Dispair, Tiamat, Anathema, Sunn, and also a great number of dark, ambient or black metal bands.

How did you come to music, how did you learn to play, did you study or got a kind of education?

Well, we attended music school, and it is music that taught us to compose and improvise. And we have to emphasize the fact that we come from a family of artists, and we all grew up in a house full of fine arts and classical music.

What is the most important thing for you about creating and playing music?

The most essential thing to us is to be consistent in aspirations for perfection, and to be faithful to ourselves.

What do you do beside music? Surely, music is the No.1 in your life, right? But do you have other interests beside it?

Teresa is studying modern classical percussion in Freiburg, Cecylia is a painter, and Rozalia also deal with visual art. That is what we do apart from music.

Tell me something about your live-performances…

They are more like music and theatre shows, we dress up as mystical angels and wear beautiful black wings during every concert. We also project slides and create an aura of artistic performance for our audiences.

What are your plans for the future? Live-shows? And you work on a new album, I heard?

We’ve got a real lot of new songs to play, our latest album is soon going to be out. And you can’t miss our big concert, along with ATTRITION from England, on 12th December 2009 in Szczecin, Poland.

Do you have a dream you want really to become true in life?

Absolutely! Rozalia would like to be granted an eternal life and meet up with God, Cecylia dreams of a record label to release our music, and Teresa wants to win the first prize at Geneva Percussion Competition. That would be all for now. We are sending our warmest regards to all our fans. Cheers and keep the faith!

With love,
Negradonna Girls

Author: Andreas Torneberg, photos by Negradonna
Date: 2010-01-01

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