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School Fair: Elenium / Hellcity Punks / Grazymama

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Datum / Date17.-18.04.2008 

Two days long in a tent in the center of Helsinki all sorts of vocational schools – also for adults - presented themselves in a kind of fair. Certainly also the Metal industry was present, even in the musical program, featuring a wide range of styles, e.g. African Drumming with Kai Hall and Jerome Leudet, Electronic Music with DJ Lackluster. And this is not a surprise, as Heavy Metal is one of the Finnish top export products...

Grazy Mama & Daddy Richie
Friday noon at a vocational school fair you will always have a difficult crowd, if you have one at all. And so there were only three or four people in front of the stage and they had probably only dropped by rather accidentally.

That´s a pity because Grazy Mama and her Daddy Richie played a very nice “unplugged” gig, guitar and vocals only. Especially Mama´s slightly smoky voice is pleasing to the ear and fits perfectly to the acoustic guitar sounds. The band has Finnish as well as English songs; fittingly the more melancholic songs are in Finnish and the more rockier ones in English. The songs of the “harmonic duo” work just fine in these “stripped down” versions and I personally couldn´t imagine how they sound with a real band. Very nice!

Hellcity Punks

When the Hellcity Punks enter the small stage in the afternoon the audience looks a bit different. Here people have actually come solely to see the band and those people were mostly young girls with their cameras. Which means that there must be something interesting to see and soon enough one got offered exactly that because, maybe as a foretaste for the following fashion show, singer Jani already exhibited his personal underwear collection.

Musically, the guys played typical hardrock a la Mötley Crüe paired with a certain gothic arrogance, a combination that always goes down well with girls. The band has potential even though one or the other in the band still has to work on some posing. Otherwise there´s not much in the way for getting a record deal very soon.


The fair was brought to its end with the graduates of the vocational school for “metal”-working professions, Elenium. In the crowd were mostly fans and friends of the band who, of course, didn´t want to miss out on a free gig of their favourite band. Frontman J somehow evokes some Corey Taylor associations in me and similarly wild he can be found running through the whole crowd to “serenade” one or the other in a very, very special way – therefore precaution is recommended at Elenium gigs!

On this evening the band certainly made some ear-drums burst with their progressive death metal including organ, guitar solos and heavy riffs en masse. Brutal and entertaining!


Kathleen Gransalke, photos: Klaudia Weber

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