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SUMMER BREEZE 2008, part 1

Stadt / City Dinkelsbühl 
Land / Country GER 
Web www.summer-breeze.de
Datum / Date14. - 17.08.2008 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie SummerB08_1 
Photos: Cornelia Wickel 

It´s 2008 and Summer Breeze is already taking place for the 11th time with 90 bands on 4 days on 3 stages. A packed programm with bands of every genre you can think of, more visitors than 2007 but nevertheless the festival rocked. Apart from some rain on Friday, even the weathergods showed some mercy. But let´s start en detail now!

Day 1, Thursday 14.08.2008
Unfortunately I didn´t make it to the festival before early Thursday morning. Apart from a wonderful 10 km long traffic jam somewhere on my way to Dinkelsbühl, everything went fine. In contrast to Wedesday, there was no traffic at the entrance security check for glass and the like as well. (some people where standing in traffic for about 12 hours !! the day before).

The winners of the newcomer contest on Wednesday Fuck Your Shadow From Behind had already played, sam with All Ends and Emil Bulls when I finally entered the photopit just in time for the gig of the guys from Aborted from Belgium.
Can it get more brutal? Holy shit, what a gig. Vocalist Svencho and the other guys where playing one brutal song after the other and surely did their best to wake up everyone, who might´ve still been sleeping then. Those who still weren´t awake after the gig, ,surely have problems with their ears! Especially the vocalist was hyperactive as usual. No wonder that the energy from the stage was transported into the crowd within seconds
Check out the Aborted-galleryhere!

Time for some calmer but not neccessarily less entertaining music on the mainstage. Now it was up to Saltatio Mortisto please the fans of Medieval sound. And they succeeded: Lots of headbanging and singing along - quite a lot of people had obviously found their way to the stage at this early time. When it comes to crowdsurfers, well, they made the securities work pretty hard, hehe
Check out the Saltatio Mortis-gallery here!

Torturing your necks second round! Over to Painstage once again and welcome Graveworm who invited the waiting fans for some serious headbanging and going crazy. Of course they didn´t have to force anyone to do so, people went crazy right from the first song on. The sinister sound of the band from South Tyrol worked perfectly, despite (or maybe because of) the warm temperatures. No matter what the reason was, the band was in a great mood and so was everyone after that gig!
Check out the Graveworm-gallery here!

No rest for the wicked, over to the mainstage again, because Soilwork from Helsingborg were already waiting. What can I say, the audience was quite pleased, once the sound got better and went off the rails to the songs frontman Björn "Speed" Strid and band where playing. But they still thought that the audience could surely get a bit wilder and fired off some more catchy tunes from all albums, except the first two. First two albums or not, they rocked!
Check out the Soilwork-gallery here!

Arch Enemy were definitely one of those bands that people had eagerly been waiting for at this festival. You could easily see that, when having a look at this huge crowd that had gathered in front of the stage to welcome Arch Enemy. Angela Gossow was quite happy to see all those headbangers waiting for songs like "We Will Rise", "Nemesis" and the like and they got it! Lots of headbanging once again, a satisfied audience, satisfied band, mission accomplished!
Check out the Arch Enemy-gallery here!

After a little rest, I headed over to the Painstage once again to see one of my favourites of day one:Behemoth from Poland! If one should ask for one of the most brutal bands from our neighbour country, you could easily name Behemoth, among some others of course.
Nergal and Co started the riff massaker right away, in corpsepaint, sinister and evil as always and didn´t even let anyone have doubts about their brutality when it comes to music! This band was in perfect shape that day, unbelievable how precise and hard they fired their stuff into the crowd! Well, shame on those who missed it,don´t miss them again, when you have a chance next time!
Check the Behemoth-gallery here!

Nearly at the same time a completely different music was played in the Partytent: The Nautic Funeral Doomers of Ahab were dooming through their set gathering quite a huge crowd in front of stage. Heavy, heavy stuff with even heavier riffs that produced an impressive wall of sound that could easily compete with the darkness Behemoth had created at their gig!

Oh, oh, oh....I had so many doubts whether Paradise Lostwould play a captivating gig, since their gig at Rock Hard Festival earlier this year had been everything but captivating and motivated. Well, I was so wrong, this time they were good! Especially fronter Nick Holmes appeared totally different. He was actually communicating with people in front of stage and simply seemed much more active that at the last gig. THIS is how I wanted to see them live! The setlist contained songs like "Never For The Damned", "Erased" and "Pity The Sadness". Yes, here PL proved, that you can play melancholic songs without clichés but with lots of energy. Ok, with that gig you managed to erase my bad memories of the gig before at least partly.
Check out the Paradise Lost-gallery here!

The Irish flags on the other stage were already a portent of what was coming up next, time for Primordial, one of the most intensive live bands! "Empire Falls" was the opener of this theatrical and pretty emotional gig. Charismatically presented by vocalist Nemtheanga. Epic, full of feeling and captivating - 50 minutes, 6 songs, a great, even though surely not the best Primordial show. Not to forget, that the drummer was quite sick and played a good gig nevertheless, thumbs up for that!
Check out the Primordial-gallery here!

Well, if that was too dark, sad or whatever, no problem, now it was Helloweens turn on the mainstage.
Having 25 years under their belts they still know how to rock and surely haven´t become quiet. (well ok, the vocalists voice wasn´t perfect all the time, but else...). The place in front of stage was absolutely packed, the band was playing in front of a gigantic backdrop and lateron even two huge glowing pumpkins were put up on stage - nothing to complain when it comes to impressing decoration. So far for the visual part, now to the audio stuff: After playing "Future World" and "I Want Out" as last songs, they left lots of happy people, who surely didn´t have anything to complain lateron. Great gig, great party, happy people!
Check out the Helloween-gallery here!

For those, who thought that this was way too "happy", there was a perfect possibility for a "brutal" escape with Cephalic Carnageon the Partystage. Everyone definitely went off the rails, cause the guys took no prisoners and played one brutal song after the other. A little gag happened at the end, when the vocalist asked, whether anybody was up for some "real Norwegian Black Metal from Texas". Sure, so they returned with a corpse paint mask and the other with some "king" masks playing some real true and evil BM, that could´ve made quite a lot of real BM band really envious. Totally funny!

Allright, let´s stick to the black sound, since it was now time for Mardukfrom Sweden, who invited everyone as the last band of the day (well, at least on the mainstages) to a sepulchral-cold sound experience. Nasty, dark and ultrabrutal those guys were bombing down their set and Mortuus and the rest of the band did their best to mobilize the last bit of energy left after such a long day. The focus was put on older songs, which surely pleased quite a lot of fans out there. The "cherry on the top" of that gig was surely the guest appearance of Primordial vocalist Alan Nemtheanga. (in my opinion they should really think about doing something like that more often!)
Check out the Marduk-gallery here!

It was already one o´clock when the Swedes of Cult Of Lunaentered stage, shortly after the programm on the mainstages had ended. This was quite a diversified, multilayered and captivating sound, that was created there. One could even go that far to call the sound kinda hypnotic, because this quite contrastive mix of "shrieking" and charmingly calm passages made it hard to "escape". Not, that anyone here wanted to escape, haha. No way, the gig was way too short for all people present at the tent and it was no wonder, that all were shouting for an encore. I´m pretty sure that the guys have made quite a lot of new fans and pleased the long-established ones as well.
Check out the Cult Of Luna-gallery here!

I slowly started to feel my aching feet and legs after a long day of running around between camping place and three stages, but what can you do, if you want to see as many bands as possible?! Well, enough moaning, just one band to go! The gig of Despised Icon had been postponed in the running order from around 7 pm to 2 o´clock in the night. Pretty late one might say, but those guys entered stage and the audience was going crazy as if it was still early in the afternoon. Where did some of them get that much energy from? It was simply amazing in combination with the brutal, straight-in-your-face sound that made the audience wilder and wilder. I felt kinda sorry for those, who had already gone sleeping or partying and missed such a great and energetic gig.
Lots of energy or not, my energy was completely gone after such an exhausting gig. Time to catch some sleep, the second day was waiting!
Check out the Despised Icon-gallery here!

(to be continued, part 2 will follow)

Cornelia Wickel

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