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SUMMER BREEZE 2008, part 3

Stadt / City Dinkelsbühl 
Land / Country GER 
Web www.summer-breeze.de
Datum / Date14.-17.08.2008 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie SummerB08_3 
Photos: Cornelia Wickel 

part 3, Saturday, 16.08.2008

Debauchery started this third and last festival day in quite a bloody day and that in front of quite a lot of fans. Honestly I wouldn´t have expected that many people to show up at around 11 am after a hard party night. But hey, even those who were still a bit sleepy surely got woken up completely during this gig. And for those, who were still a bit sleepy, well, they should get a second chance right after that.
Check the Debauchery gallery here!

Japanische Kampfhörspiele went on with the "wake-up" programm serving some nice grind breakfast on an early festival morning. I guess quite a lot simply went to the left a few meters after the Debauchery gig, to catch JaKa as well. Lots of blasting, groove and neck torturing, along with some shrieking and grunting from the red/pinkhaired vocalist. Yep, those guys are still kinda underground, but I´m pretty sure, their status won´t stay like that for long, if they go on like that!
Check the Japanische Kampfhörspiele gallery here!

What a contrast, after all that brutal stuff it was now time forThe Old Dead Tree from France, who presented their very own and quite unique mixture of Doom/Death chopped off with some Gothic elements. The definitely hypnotized everyone in front of stage in the truest sense of the word. This music indeed has quite a hypnotic effect, since you simply can´t walk away, once you started listening to them. Very emotional, melancholic but in no way boring! From the smashhit "It Can´t Be" up to newer stuff they surely played enough stuff to please the fans. The only thing that I have to complain about is the fact, that they unfortunately only had about 30 minutes to play, way too short for the symphatic French guys!
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Autumn played their gig with a rather new front woman, who obviously also needed a while to warm up. Well, at least she seemed to be pretty nervous at the beginning. Luckily that changed during the gig, but still I can only rate this as an average gig...
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Hackneyed showed everyone, who thought that they have this "very young band" bonus, that they were totally wrong. At the latest after the first song, it was pretty clear that they absolutely kick ass, despite an average age of 17. They don´t need this bonus and once they start adding their very own signature to the songs, I´m pretty sure that some other bands have to be afraid. Great to see, that they attracted such a huge audience and made good use of it as well, thumbs up, they convinced us!
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Endstille were up next, doing their best to please the fans of Black Metal. sorgten dann für Hochstimmung bei allen Schwarzwurzelfreunden. Brute, evil, icecold Black Metal, pretty amazing atmosphere for a gig at early afternoon. Even though I´ll surely never get really used to that band, I have to admit they were pretty good posers. And fans of course liked this quite experienced and intensive gig.
Check the Endstille gallery here!

Keep Of Kalessin who played shortly after them, were more my cup of tea. Optically, as well as musically absolutely impressing.
Their latest album "Kolossus"has been highly appreciated by press and fans, so it was just normal, that quite a lot of people had gathered in front of Painstage to see them live. Well, what else can be said? No one was disappointed by this blackened melodic stuff like "Come Damnation" and such. For me definitely one of the best bands of the day!
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Just about 10 minutes after that gig, the Swedes of Dismember were grinding over the audience with their brute Death Metal. mit ihrem brachialen Todesblei eine Runde über die Menge. Entertaining as always and pretty funny Matti Kärki and his bandmates entered stage. The sheer amount of funny faces made this gig already an entertaining job for the photographers. No matter if you like their sound or not, this gig was really a funny happening. Too bad, that this was already over after about 45 minutes.
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Neaera are damn great live! They simply came on stage like whirlwind and showed from the first song on, who´s running the show. The music was like a punch right in the face, no rest for the wicked, powerful from the first second on till the end. When it comes to the vocalist, the stage could´ve been even bigger, he wasn´t standing still for a second and running around from one side to the other. No wonder that this energy was transported to the audience within seconds. That´s Metalcore how it should be!
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Ensiferum played shortly after that and pleased quite a different sort of fans. First difference was already, that their vocalist hardly moved at all. But well, it fighted to the folkloristic stuff they have in their music. Fans liked it and obvsiously enjoyed the gig pretty much (even though I have to say, that I´ve already seen better Ensiferum gigs). The guys, all dressed in men´s skirts that looked like Finnish flags, played sing along songs like "Lai Lai Hei" and"Token Of Time". At the end they even played a coverversion of Iron Maiden´s "The Trooper".
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Short rest and time to eat something, until I had to run over to the Partytstage once again.
Hacride were my first "must-see" on this stage for day three. I´m pretty sure, that there´s something in the water (just like in Scandinavia), that produces such great technical and often pretty complex music. Absolutely wonderful what those guys served there! Brutal, technical and pretty convincing. I´ve rarely seen so many grinning people, who were going off the rails to such complex music. Those French guys definitely did it right, check them out, if aren´t familiar with Hacride!

Sonic Syndicate are a kind of phenomenon to me. All over a sudden they had already appeared from out of nowhere and catapulted themselves to the top within quite a short time. Seems as if they´ll stay there for quite a while with ease. Needless to say, that the vocalist didn´t really have to tell people to go crazy, since they were filming the gig - they went off the rails anyways. I´d say, that the perfomance of the band was nearly too perfect, when it comes to the flawless choreography they were doing there. Headbanging here, run over there, horns up here...you know... But anyways, energetic gig, happy fans, what more can you want?
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Heaven Shall Burn can easily put into that "phenomenon" category, those guys absolutely deserved being the co-headliner, since they had worked up their way to that position. Already after the first song, people started screaming for a Wall of Death, that´s what HSB are famous for - amazingly large circlepits and walls. Of course it didn´t take long until the first WoD was started. "You´re old enough, just do it", the vocalist said. And he didn´t have to say it twice. Before they started, he adviced to go apart after they had "crashed" together and start the wall from a new - worked quite well by the way. Seeing this idea really work didn´t surely only leave an impressed band. Once again one of the highlights of the day!
Check the Heaven Shall Burn gallery here!

Destruction were up next, pleasing the Thrash Metal fans out there! Impressive show with a nicely decorated stage (huge backdrop, skulls on the mic stands, pyros and fire en masse and all that). Even though this band is already 25 years old they surely don´t even think about slowing down, no way! Needless to say, that the audience was going pretty crazy here as well was, right?! At the latest, when the infamous Butcher entered stage with a few half naked girls, the mood was top-notch.
Check the Destruction gallery here!

Those who weren´t that much into Thrash and rather preferred some groovy stuff, simply had to go over to the partystage, since it was time for Stonerrock with Mustasch from Sweden. The vocalist got quite a lot of pluspoints by doing annoucements in German and being simply very symphatic. No one cared about smaller grammar mistakes, but he promised to improve his German until the next tour here in Germany. No matter what, the gig rocked and grooved! "Deutschland wir lieben dir!" - we you, too, guys! Check them out on their upcoming tour, in case you missed that gig!
Check the Mustasch gallery here!

Cradle Of Filth were, along with Emil Bulls surely the band whose gig was discussed the most, already before the festival. You hate them or love them, nothing inbetween it seems. After the pretty cool gig of HSB, they should have quite a hard time anyways.
The guys from UK did their best and celebrated a kind of Best of setlist, containing songs like "Dusk And Her Embrace", "Nymphetamine" or "From The Cradle To Enslave". Inbetween a keyboarder and female vocalist joined them on stage. Unfortunately, after two songs of encore the gig was over already quite a few minutes before the planned end of the gig. I´m pretty sure they could´ve played a bit longer?! Too bad for the fans, who had been waiting for them eagerly!
Check the Cradle Of Filth gallery here!

Whatever, now it was time for the best gig of the festival in my opinion, Anathema were the perfect band to end such a great festival. This gig was far away from being totally calm and boring - as some might´ve assumed before. Shame on you and sorry for those, who missed it, because of such prejudices. The Cavanagh brothers were in quite a funny mood and the whole gig went pretty smooth but nevertheless very emotional. At the latest when they played "A Natural Disaster" with a female vocalist, the biggest part of the audience was totally convinced, knowing that they were surely attending one of the greatest gigs of this years Summer Breeze. Inbetween the songs, they were wondering, whether everyone was still allright, after "four days camping in the fields". Of course everyone was! I heard quite a few people "I wouldn´t have thought, that they´d be thaaat good! I need to buy the CDs!". On top of that, they even played Pink Floyd´s "Comfortably Numb" and as if that hasn´t already been enough, even the Destruction Butcher appeared on stage, doing quite an entertaining fight with the guys from Anathema. I´m pretty sure that you haven´t seen Anathema like that so far and I doubt that a gig like this will happen that soon again!
Check the Anathema gallery here!

All in all I have to say, that the Summer Breeze was quite perfect once again. They clearly proved, that it IS possible to have a wide variety of smaller and bigger bands for 60€. I for my part would´ve also been happy with less bands, cause in this way some bands might get longer playing times. Apart from a damn long traffic jam on Wednesday, the festival obviously went pretty smoothly, judging from what I had heard to far. So let´s hope they´ll work on that situation with the traffic on Wednesday next year! Thumbs up for the security guys, who did a great job once again, pretty relaxed mostly and always up for some chatting, when waiting for the next gig. Or for a big hay-fight like during the H-Blockx gig or when going crowdsurfing during Anathema... The only thing I hope is, that this festival won´t become much bigger, because we simply love that festival for it´s cosy atmosphere you can´t find at a huge festival like Wacken. Apart from that the new partitioning of the festival area was quite a good idea. That way it wasn´t too crowded, not even during the headliner gigs.
So in the impression I got was mostly positive and I hope it´ll stay like this, thus : Summer Breeze 2009 - we´ll be there!

Cornelia Wickel

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